Week 5's Players of the Week

Well, I thought Mitchell was a lock for player of the week, Collaros has definitely given that a run for the money. Both put up stunning numbers with amazing efficiency, and either would be a great pick. Mitchell obviously had better overall numbers, but I feel like we saw something special with Collaros. The way he stepped out of coverage like it wasn't even there, pin point passing into coverage, there were 4 or 5 passes that I found just stunning but the 1st TD of the 2nd half...I know of few vets that would attempt that one with so much confidence. He looked like the game was an old habit.

Who wins...I have no idea...I am really back and forth on this one.The numbers say Mitchell, but the style (and opponent's record) says Collaros

on D:
Kyries Hebert, Cordarro Law or Tearrius George. IMO George all the way

I would go with:

Offense - Mitchell (homer pick for sure, Collaros would be a great choice as well)
Defense - Emry (not my favorite player but he had a huge game)
Specialty - Whyte (mostly cause I can't give Koch both when they lost)
Canadian - Koch (could have gone with him as specialty team player too but not likely to get both)

Koch is an Import.My choices would be:

Offensive player: Bo Levi Mitchell.
Defensive player: Kyries Hebert.
Special teams player: Sean Whyte.
Canadian player: Shea Emry.


My apologies, I believe that I am guilty of steriotyping.

My adjusted choices:

Offensive player: Bo Levi Mitchell.
Defensive player: Shea Emry
Special teams player: Cary Koch
Canadian player: Sean Whyte.

Bo Levi Mitchell,Kyries Hebert,Sean Whyte and Shea Emry have been chosen.


Pretty good choices.