Week 5 TV: League Average at 813,250

The numbers are in and they are awesome.
Especially when considering the heavy competition to include the Olympics.
So far the best of the season.

Edmonton - Winnipeg 796,000
Toronto - Montreal 874,000 TSN/RDS
Hamilton - Saskatch 813,000
BC - Calgary 770,000

Of note, for some strange reason last weeks numbers were not available.
At this pace and with the usual increase around Labour Day, I would suggest the one million per game will be reached.

Both Saskatchewan and Toronto have good teams this year, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the numbers have rebounded in a big way.

Thanks for the information ArgoT.

Positive numbers and they will definitely increase,given the competition. While no fan of the Argos and Tiger-Cats, I am nevertheless happy that they are so competitive. Good for the League!.


We could conceivably see those two teams in the Grey Cup the way they are playing. If that happens the ratings should break records.

Which begs the question: What would be the ultimate match up in the 100th Grey Cup? Which two teams would garner the highest ratings?

I'd say either the 'riders and the Argos or, the unlikely pairing of the Argos and the Als. But, maybe, say, Calgary and Hamilton would be better. I just don't know :wink:

The peeps love seeing teams slugging it out.
The CFL is a slugfest so far this season.

Great News! The viewership #'s are just about where they were a few seasons ago with the meat of the schedule still to come! The timing could not be better as the league prepares to negotiate a new TV deal.

Lions President and CEO Dennis Skulsky was a guest on TEAM1040 radio last Tuesday (part of the station's "Presidents Week" in which presidents of the city's 5 sports teams took turns being interviewed in 2 hour segments).

Interestingly, he said the Lions have attracted between 750K - 800K viewers nationally this season, of which between 200K - 225K have been local. That's a very strong number.

Thank you for doing this for us ArgoT. :thup:

There is still plenty of interest in Toronto and Montreal.
Only if we could translate those great T.V. numbers into people in the stands?
This is excellent news Vs. the LONDON Games and the Blue Jays. :rockin:

TSN 2 , is going to repeat the Hamilton @ SASK game this Tuesday night at 9 PM est / 6 PM pt , July , 31st , 2012 :smiley:

That is excellent news as well. :thup:

I guest many things are going to go UP after week 5's great attendance and T.V. ratings.

to be honest, I had surmised that numbers would be in the 500,000 range due to the Olympic coverage on other networks.
and if not for the Olympics, we may have seen games hit the million mark.

thanks for posting! :thup:

Where did you get theses numbers? It's not that I doubt them but I would like a link - thax

i read on Facebook, that the argos@als game drew the highest ratings of the season. i wonder if people watching the olympic ceromonies stuck around for the football game?

I would say, in order:

Toronto/B.C.: Two large markets, including the defending champs, plyus the Braley Bowl
Toronto/Hamilton: the novelty factor, century-old rivalry and the fact the game is virtually a "home game" for both
Toronto/Montreal: Two large markets, the novelty factor plus one last GC appearance for Calvillo
Toronto/Sask: Large market vs. rabid and broad fanbase

I've ranked Sask as low as fourth only because I think pretty well the entire Roughrider fanbase watches the GC regardless of who is in the game.

The unpredictable-ness of the season so far, plus all the comebacks, plus all the games being decided by fewer than 7 points. That has to be the big reason TV viewers are up. I cant remember such an exciting start to a season like this! :rockin:

If it keeps up we could finish with four 10-8 teams and four 8-10 teams, and EVERY game after Labour Day will have the intensity of a playoff, great TV that no one wants to miss!

THANK YOU drummer god , for that info. :thup:

I think what helped was the opening ceremonies were live on TSN at 4 PM est and the game was on right after even though it stared a little late on the same channel. CTV , was showing a replay tape at 8 PM est.

Now both Montreal and Toronto need to translate those numbers into bums in the seats.
Obviously , there IS still a big interest in the CFL in both of those markets. :thup:

trestman vs millanovich

calvillo vs ray

those are some interesting storylines right there. that sells games, its like any tv show or whatever, the ones with the best storylines, criminal minds/big bang/breaking bad etc, they all draw more than the ones who dont. the storylines in that montreal toronto game surely helped the rating.

Like everyone has said, rivalries that finally mean something because of parity.
On top of this throw in a scoop of exciting offensive games that really we have not seen on a consistent basis for several years.
As exciting as our game is, everything is really cyclical and when we add truly wide open games well the fans really notice, at least those on the bandwagon do.
Timing of course is everything and there can be no better then this year when the new mega TV contract will be negotiated.
I keep saying and even more so now how my prediction of $50M annually may be much closer to reality now.

"Unpredictability" is the word you want here.