Week 5 Power Rankings

[ol]- Montreal (last week 1): While they still sit atop the league, a convincing loss to Edmonton exposed the offense’s inability to sustain drives or convert in the red zone.

  • Edmonton (last week 4): The addition of T.J. Hill has sparked the D and strengthened the secondary with Malveaux moving out of the linebacker spot. The platoon system at RB is finally paying dividends.
  • Calgary (last week 2): Lost a close game to the Riders. Is complacency becoming an issue?
  • Hamilton (last week 3): The running game is back, but two of their wins have come against B.C.
  • Saskatchewan (last week 5): Broke a two-game losing streak, but still have to prove they can play 60 minutes of football.
  • Toronto (last week 6): Turnovers continue to be a problem, the receiving corps is not CFL quality, and Joseph will have to work hard to convince the world that his MVP season wasn’t an aberration.
  • Winnipeg (last week 8 ): The offense looks better with Bishop under center, but 18 points in the past two games doesn’t inspire much confidence.
  • B.C. (last week 7): A team in disarray in all phases of the game.[/ol]

Here comes Turkeybend and his green friends conveniently forgetting the blowout and telling us hte Riders are #1 :roll:


...you say, and then post the Riders higher than Turkeybend did. :?

  1. [1] Montreal. No-brainer.
  2. [3] Edmonton. Coming on strong these last two weeks, the only team on a winning streak, and the only team to beat the Als.
  3. [4] Hamilton. Lost game 1 in the first quarter. Only loss since then was in Montreal.
  4. [2] Calgary. Dropped from #2 because of their last-minute collapse against Saskatchewan.
  5. [5] Saskatchewan. Stay the same, but the gap between 4 and 5 is a lot smaller than it was last week.
  6. [6] B.C. Their 1-4 record is largely due to the fact that they're the only team that's had to play Hamilton twice.
  7. [7] Toronto. Lost to Winnipeg. 'Nuff said.
  8. [8] Winnipeg. Zero offence. +6 in turnovers, and still nearly lost...to Toronto!

I would rank them this way:

  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Calgary
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Hamilton
  6. Toronto
  7. BC
  8. Winnipeg

I still believe that the Stamps and Riders are better than the Cats.. there is no way of knowing until Hamilton plays either of these teams. If Hamilton can beat Edmonton next week, then they might go higher, depending on how Sask and Calgary fare next week. I put Toronto and BC ahead of the Bombers because if not for an avoidable penalty by the Argos, Winnipeg would be 1-4 right now.

I was wondering that also.......
1- Montreal
2- Edmonton
3- Hamilton
4- Saskatchewan
5- Calgary
6- Winnipeg
7- BC
8- Toronto

The last 3 teams are a toss up, but because Winnipeg is the only one coming off a win this week out of the three, they get #7 spot. The top few teams are pretty obvious IMO. I put Hamilton ahead of the riders because I just thought they deserved it more I guess. Those 2 could easily be a toss up as well. But all four of, Montreal, Edmonton, Sask, and Hamilton, should be ranked ahead of Calgary at this point in the season.