Week 5 POW picks

Here are mine, what are yours?

Offensive POW - Emmanuel Arseneaux
Defensive POW - Tristan Okpalaugo
Special Teams - Brett maher
Canadian - Brad Sinopoli

I'm happy that Sinopoli got his first touchdown, but it wasn't the best performance by a Canadian. He had 51 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown whereas Andrew Harris had 150 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Harris wins CPOTW. I agree with your other three picks.

Harris had a good day but the Lions would win with me running out of the backfield and I’m over 60 and slow(I do have some pretty good moves though). Stamps don’t win without Sinopoli on this day.

I do agree with your picks,except Nat./Can. player. It should be Harris. He gained a total of 150 yards-72 rushing and 78 receiving- and had a TD.


It probably will go to Harris but the fact is that it wasn’t that he was good, Montreal was bad. Their offence was offensive and their is no defence for a defence to be that bad.

So because Sinopoli made one good run on a broken play, he gets National Player of the Week? Uh, no. That honour should go to someone who played a good entire game. Harris for sure, maybe Brouillette or Fantuz.

There is more to the game than just stats, again, Lions win without Harris, would the Stamps have won without Sinopoli?

Harris is a easy choice because player awards are usually given for productivity. Arguably, Montreal is a tougher opponent than winless Hamilton. Before week 4, Montreal had an average offense and strong defense. But BC made Montreal looked bad. Unexpectedly, Calgary failed to destroy Hamilton while BC succeeded against Montreal.

Or maybe Hamilton wins without Masoli. Or without Tasker. :?

Maybe Sinopoli doesn’t get to the end zone without a couple of key blocks by St. Pierre and Fuller. Maybe St.Pierre deserves the NPOTW award; Calgary doesn’t win without those blocks. And Parades scored four points; Calgary doesn’t win without those points either. How about him?

POTW awards are given for consistent good play throughout the game, not for a single play, even if that single play does happen to allow the team the win. In fact, whether a team wins or loses should be irrelevant when it comes to these awards. Sinopoli didn’t have a great game. Harris did.