Week 5 Picks

Howdy from China, all! As the least informed guy here, I'm going with:

Ottawa 39, Edmonton 33 (OT)
BC 41, Hamilton 18
Montreal 20, Winnipeg 11
Calgary 29, Saksatchewan 26 (on the last play- I'm a homey)

So you think Ottawa will miss the convert in OT

No. He probably thinks the game will end 32-32. Then Edmonton will miss its field goal and get one point for the single. Following that drive, Ottawa will score the winning TD, hence winning by six.

But I don’t remember; do they really kick the convert following a TD in overtime (if you have the closing drive) ? This seems useless as you already win the game…

Let’s see, a missed convert, and hitting the upright. I told my son he’s aiming for one the “virtual” 4 uprights.
What the hell did you guys send us??

Actually I feel sorry for Kellet.
He switches back and forth between his contacts and his glasses. He can only wear either set for about 4 hours then he starts seeing double. There is something seriously wrong with him. I wish him the best.

Go Capital Punishment Go!!

Explian to me how the Riders are overated ?

actually kman it is a simple calculation, you take the ability of all the indivudual players, then add the appropriate value for decent coaching, subtact a little for injuries. you then need to take this value and divide by half because they play in saskatchewan. that is the step most people in sask aren't aware of and this leads them to higher expectation that can ever be attained by a team in the saskabush province.

Blackdale, I don't even wanna think about how hard those little gerbils are running in your head sometimes. . . :smiley:


when those poodles are around they really get going!

funny how they are leading the legue in rushing, and have the least rush yards against. That’s pretty overrated to me. ha

Hey blackdale,

Are you an engineer?

Montreal or Winnipeg depending if the BB puts in a new QB

Yes they do kick the convert in OT justt as if it the TD was scored with no time on the clock.
I remember seeing it and thinking whats the point

no, but i must say i am curious as to why you ask.