WEEK 5 OVERALL LEAGUE AVERAGE @26805(26374 in 05)

Here are my totals after week 5. The league average when compared to the exact time last year is up slightly from last week and still up from the same time last year.
Two teams(BC & Winnipeg) have now had three home games and it is interesting how the Peg is up by nearly 3000. A better team and no doubt the GC are the reasons. BC is up ever so slightly but on pace for hopefully 30,000 yearly average.
The remaining teams have all had two home crowds, with Hamilton down slightly.

game/(year ave.) 05 game/(yr ave)

Winnipeg 28,131 (26,059) 24,550 (23,291)
BC 28,513 (28,856) 28,714 (28,479)
Hamilton 26,944 (27,428) 27,692 (28,362)

League Ave.06/ 19 games 26,805 05/ 20 games 26,374

Top 5 Crowds:
Edmonton(Cal) 40,491
Edmonton(BC)) 35,035
BC (Tor) 30,514
Calgary (Ham) 29,396
BC (Sask) 28,513

Worst 5 Crowds:
Note, excluding Montreal due to continuous sellout and small stadium.

Sask (Edm) 21,082
Winnipeg(Edm) 23,521
Sask (Cal) 23,942
Calgary(Edm) 25,895
Toronto(Win) 26,304

That's pretty close to a sell out for Winnipeg, fans did a great job, too bad the game was ruined by bad calls.

Not to rain on their parade, any reason why they could not sellout, even though it was close, what maybe 2000 seats? Beautiful night, fight for first place which has not happened in years.

i have thier stadium capacity listed at 29,500...which means they were 1,369 short of a sell-out.

which is pretty good, considering thier numbers from last year, and it is still an early season battle for first.

had this been a late season battle for first, im sure they woulda sold-out.

were saying up for the Grey Cup, which will be sold out.

If the team stays on or near the top, there should be some sellouts, especially since the return Labour Day tilt with the Riders usually does.

The only reason the game didn't sell out is because it is on Saturday. Winnipeg usually gets about 3-5 thousand walk up fans buying tickets. But when games fall on a saturday opposed to a friday, people are at the cabin or out of town enjoying the weather. Friday night games, people will attend and then head to the cabin late.etc

It should be with the whole bombers team getting tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

the CFL schedule makers need to figure out which cities prefer which days, then make sure those are the days the games are played.


-winnipeg home games are always friday nites.
-any thursday games should be montreal home games, since they're always sold-out anyways.
-saskatchewan home games are played saturday evenings.
-toronto home games are saturday or sunday afternoons
-BC home games should be saturday or sunday afternoons, cuz playing 10:30pm eastern times on weeknites has to hurt tv ratings.

As long as it's not freezing with snow and everyone stays home. This would be one benefit of playing it a month earlier and avoid the risk. And the Bomber players don't need tickets to be on the field. LOL

Let's not put all the burden on Montreal, alright?