Week 5: Montreal Alouettes (2-1) at BC Lions (3-1)

Who’s your pick in this one?

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Live Stats:

CFL.ca Power Rankings

2. BC Lions (3-1)

Last week: 1

Last game: 45-24 loss to Toronto
Next game: Vs. Montreal, Sun. July 9

Worth noting: In the wake of that crushing loss on Monday night, Lions’ head coach Rick Campbell spoke of treating the highs and the lows that the game will bring you the same way. In the span of two games, the Lions have experienced both feelings in the extreme. How they fare on Sunday at home against the Alouettes will say a lot about them.

5. Montreal Alouettes (2-1)

Last week: 5

Last game: 17-3 loss to Winnipeg
Next game: At BC, Sunday, July 9

Worth noting: After picking up wins against Ottawa and Hamilton — and looking good doing so — the Als continue to run perhaps the most difficult gauntlet there is in the league right now. After hosting and falling to the Bombers on Canada Day, they now travel to the west coast to face the BC Lions. At least at BC Place, we know the weather won’t be a factor. Cody Fajardo and the Als will just have to fight off a stifling Lions’ defence. Oh, and that gauntlet: the Als host the Argos in Week 6.


I’m sticking with the Lions as my pick, but Mizzell being ruled out makes me a bit less confident.


Historically, the Als never win in B.C. so it’s Lions all the way for me here.

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The rest of the west is hoping for anhistoricsl implosion… That will not happen.
But I did pick the Als out of desperate hope



I’m cheering for the Lions but admittedly the Alouettes of a better chance of winning due to the 4 pm start vs the 7.

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Here’s some interesting and disturbing CFL stats for ya Dave:

Only 4 out of 9 CFL teams have quarterbacks on their Practice Rosters.

BC has Chase Brice
Saskatchewan has Jake Dolegala
Calgary has Logan Bonner
Edmonton has Khalil Tate

Teams with NO quarterbacks on their practice rosters include:


Both the Lions and the Al’s have backup QB’s by the name of ‘Evans’ but only one of them would realistically be considered a starter who could consistently win should the need arise.

So far no one has claimed Filet Pigrome, our surprisingly effective pre-season passer/runner who’s only fatal flaw was his inability to Hulk-Smash his way to first downs in short yardage situations. That’s a real head scratcher for me.

Speaking of head scratchers, the league’s worst offensive line belongs to the Elks and they have FIVE offensive linemen stuck on their suspended list. No wonder no talented QB in his right mind wants to play for Chris Jones.


Looking forward to this game.
Hope Montreal can pull it off, but really don’t think they can hang yet.
Faj will be chased alot, can Mont get a run game going today?


I’m not expecting my Als to win this game, but I do want to see some progress on offensive cohesion. Specifically, the running game and pass protection for Fajardo. But Cody also has to make quicker, better decisions in the pocket. He’s caused a few sacks by holding the ball too long and not seeing the open man.


I wouldn’t sleep on Caleb Evans. He has won games in this league and he’s only 25. We also have Davis Alexander, who’s in his third year with us.

We had Mike Glass in preseason and he did surprisingly well with limited reps, but we cut him loose after preseason ended. Maybe he didn’t want to accept a PR spot?

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as a testament to both my own and my wonderful wife’s football fanaticism, on our 40th anniversary, my wife will be at the game and I fully support her doing so. A million thumbs up to my wife :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you and your wife FYB!


They have to be working it south of the border now, for as quarterback injuries will go this situation is not sustainable plus you don’t want to stick your starter, or even your solid backup, in there so often on Team Jumbo or in garbage time.

The broader problem is NFL camps for some of all those guys who will be camp bodies but won’t know for sure until late August, by which time 2/3 of the CFL season is over.

Add this to the list of greater challenges for the CFL to have a stronger pipeline for players with PRO experience.

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More cheerleaders should wear latex!

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Oh wow, VAJ is on tilt…and a HUGE penalty

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And a poor call to boot. Too bad.

I was hoping to see a competitive game today. A quick Als TD would have made it interesting.