Week 5: 2-2 TiCats @ 3-1 Roughriders

Well this is a very important game for both teams Riders win? We climb to 4-1 and hope the Eskies crap the bed vs Bombers to stay atop division/league, Riders lose we fall to 3-2 where either bc or Calgary will be joining us in a tie for 2nd. Ticats it's especially important their in a 3 way tie for first! Glad we got our offense going last week too bad we melted down, this is not the same Ticat team we faced in week 1 we need to play a near perfect game

It just shows the importance of beating teams in your division. I hope that loss against Calgary doesn't come back to hurt us. Being up by 17 with 7 minutes, we should win that game. I'd rather lose to the east than our division.

Well... I'm not sure what to think. If Burris has a game like he had vs Montreal we are in for a very tough game!

Front 4 has to get some pressure on Burris like they did in the opening game. I think the Ticats have more firepower, however the Riders have better O-line and D-lines and should control the line of scrimmage.

32-20 Saskatchewan.

Our D and our fans can handle Burris. The key to winning this game will be:
STOP CHRIS WILLIAMS!!!! If we can do that we win.

Hamilton - 22
Roughriders - 32

Burris has had difficulties playing in Regina ( more times then not). Ticats looked really good last week, won't be a cake walk. I could see another OT game for the Riders. ST have played really well and I hope they can handle Williams. Fantuz will be bigger player in this game too. Burris and him have something to prove against the Riders.

Walker is another guy our D has to control.

I'm thinking, hoping, Riders 29 - Ticats 26.

Anyone know why Turenne is on the active roster yet not playing? Perhaps he is not 100%...looks like Graham is going to need to step up huge.

I also see Jackson is slotted as starting CB and #1 returner...face-palm. If you have lost confidence in West as a returner, and he is not getting game time as a RB...why is he there? Dress Rankin and get him returning. I don't get it.

part 2 happened as said; now for the riders to hold up their end of the bargain.

And it was Graham who got beat fairly consistently by Williams all night.
I've yet to figure out what the coaches see in this guy.

We have been absolutely embarrassed 2 weeks in a row...rookie mistakes, turnovers, poor decision making, and defensive gaps are starting to show. Some key things that need to be addressed; Hill and others need to show more awareness of the first down marker and out of bounds lines. On at least 4 plays receivers failed to give honest second effort and routinely made wrong steps short of the first down markers and out of bounds resulting in punt situations. Secondly, Durant can't always be beat when pinched in the pocket, he seems to fold or try and drop back further rather than stepping up between the pass rush and executing. Thirdly, start utilizing Sheets much more often, especially when you establish what should be a significant lead. Defensively, we need to start putting pressure on the opposing QBs again, Willis & Hawkins are good, but it can't be a 2 man show on pass rush. Lastly and most importantly, the Riders and the coaches appear to be training and practicing to play for three quarters and then they let off the gas; any real championship calibre team knows a game is a full 60 minutes and you need to play lights out for 4 quarters. The Riders could take some pointers from people like Ray Lewis & Tom Brady...I love the Riders, but over the last 2 weeks admit being completely frustrated and embarrassed...

The coaching staff should be embarrassed after this one...pathetic calling. Last week Calgary got some good breaks at the right time late and played really good ball down the stretch. This week, it was pathetic coordinating that lost this game. Getz did not have his greatest game...let a couple catchables go, but that happens. DD's fumble...unfortunate, but it happens. The interception...Hamilton played that play perfectly, and hats off too them, but in the fourth the Riders were HANDILY out coached.

  • D-line...no pressure. I don't think I saw the D-line run a stunt once. Their pass rush is becoming way too predictable. They have the skill set, but the calls on the line are far to rudimentary!
  • How many times do you let Williams run the same cross in 15 minutes of ball? At what point do you change up who is covering him? Perhaps draw the safety forward. or here is a crazy thought...drop a LB back...you drop a LB back a couple times and that play is done...they don't call it any more...absolute failure to adjust! If that is Hall making those decisions, he needs to go...that is embarrassing. I can live with the soft D late...big cushions and all, but to leave that play open over and over and over is unacceptable if you are not at least adjusting to it!
  • If Williams is running that dump route, at what point do you tel l your guy to get in his grill in the first 5 yards...bump him on the line...it is fully legal, and slows down the play enough to get to the QB. Tell him if Williams goes deep the safety with playing man-over coverage. Just horrid.
  • When Jackson went down he had just run about 50 yards on a return, then there was a quick turnover and he covered a long play. He ran 100 yards full out in about 40 seconds. Like I said pre-game...why are the pulling double duties with him. Also, why on earth is your starting running back the second returner on kickoff? That is moronic. Use West. If you have no faith in him returning it is time to replace him.

This game was expected to be close, and both teams put up similar numbers, so one should not be shocked the final outcome was so close. The offense overall played really good ball. DD made a few passes that made me cringe, but there were some calls that just killed me.

  • The had the ball around the 6. They managed to get that in for a TD. Later they had the ball at the 6 and kicked a FG...on one of those series they should have been attempting to run. That was disappointing they did not put it on the ground the second time.

  • With a minute and a half left or whatever it is 2nd and 1.5 yards, and they pass? WTF! The deserve to lose after calls like that. Yeah, if you connect it is a big play, and on the surface you look like a rock star...completed or not, that was a stupid call. The ball is on the 40/41 yard line...YOU DON'T NEED A BIG PLAY...YOU NEED A FEW YARDS AND TO WIND DOWN THE CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This off season the club put a lot of effort into that o-line...that is where they need to earn their paycheck! That was one of the all-time most horrific play calls I have ever witnessed. Yeah...maybe Milo nails it, but you have left a lot of time on the clock. Tuck that ball and drive. That must piss off the linemen, and the RBs. You get a few yards there, then run 2 more times for even 5 yards and it is a pretty straight forward kick.

  • The Riders never ran the option once...that is butter for the combination of DD and sheets.

  • I was impressed with Taj Smith's speed on the big TD, and I have been a huge critic of him.

I agree wholeheartedly. As I said on another thread, I blame this one almost entirely on Defensive play calling.

Nick Graham continues to validate my opinion of him. My HS football coach's doberman did a better job of covering in practice than he does.

One other thing...apparently no Rider back has had a 100yd game in something like 35 games. Does that not tell the coaching staff SOMETHING about their play calling???? Use the damn backs!

RH always falls back to his bend but don't break shell - he can't help it - it's what he does - but I for one have had enough of it. I would sooner lose by 19 points and have played agressive the whole game rather than get up by 19 points and go into your shell and let the opposition throw pass after pass to wide open recievers - lots of bending and breaking went on in that last quarter.

Remind me why we let Luca go?

That was not bend dont break D...that was prevent D.

Congi would not even be sent on the field for a 47 yarder...Johnson would have kicked it...never mind the 52 yard fg made last week. Outside 40 Congi has historically had iffy range...outside 45 he historically did not have it for sure. Milo has been struggling this year, but then so have all kickers in Regina. I am wondering if the bowl seating is doing something odd with the wind

Lets also not forget Congi was coming off a serious injury that nobody knew for sure if he would truly come back from and hold up. Milo can also do double duties (I'll never forget that 108 yard punt). Milo is a phenomenal kicker, just struggling a bit out of the gate...he did the same last year, everyone said he was not a keeper, then he was money. If memory serves correctly he was something like 2 for 5 to start, then went 16/17 for the rest of the season.

[quote="depopulationINC"]That was not bend dont break D...that was prevent D.

Prevent what? I don't know how you can tell the difference but I'll take your word for it.
Maybe I am being too hard on Milo - but even the first short field goal was not a strong confident boot.
And then there's Getz - another end zone drop.

Prevent is not letting anyone past you...essentially allowing anything underneath but not the single big play. You generally see this when a team is up by a major and is protecting from only where a major helps the other club with a few plays left. The problem is that the slant pass is basically always going to be a gimme for 10-15 yards (ie Williams in the 4th).

Bend don't break is playing soft coverage...loose zone or man...allowing some room for the 'easy' outside catch...but because you are not playing tight coverage each player has better vision of the whole field instead of almost entirely focusing on one guy or spot. This D will give up a lot of catches but not a lot of YAC because of this vision and thus ball pursuit, and typically not quite as many long bombs. You can also get a QB a little too cozy...too use to the softness of the coverage especially the flats, then jump a route...if you ever actually give the green light on it. The other thing is because you are giving room you often get bigger timed hits in if the ball is 10-20 yards deep, sometimes causing an incompletion or fumble. The goal of a BDB D is to break up 1 play, because it is hard to get a full 10 yards against it in the other prior to punting...you stop a run quick or knock down a pass, there are higher odds there will be a punt to follow.

I get that but it is not a very good strategy when your opposition is 3rd and goal with 6 yards to go and gambling. Yeah we prevented the pass from being a 10 yarder.