Week 4 vs Calgary

if the Riders put out the same performance as vs Edmonton...I don't like our chances vs the Stamps.

Depends. If the Stamps play like they did against TO, the Rams could probably get the job done.

I like the RIders chances, much like Edmonton has had our number recently, we’ve certainly had Calgary’s and I think we match up well. They are a bit of an enigma this year, but they are still dangerous especially if Rambo is back. Their receiving corps is hurting without him. If they can get after Calgary’s rather inexperienced O-line and make Burris scramble around he’s going to make some bad throws, although we really didn’t rush Ray much and the Eskimo’s don’t have the greatest O-line either.

The worst part of this is that I’m camping on Saturday and will have to listen on the radio.

Are you camping in a tunnel? Otherwise, why no satellite radio at the lake?

I'm not too worried about this game.

the Stamps have been showing all year that they're just getting by.

they haven't exactly played anyone hard yet.. and they got defeated by an Argos team that is far from recovered.

The Riders at this point ARE the class of the West

they will win.

Well, now you've gone and done it.

done what? I have seen the light!

and that is Riders on top! :slight_smile: :rockin:

I do have satellite radio that will be put to good use this weekend.

Calgary is certainly a formidable opponent, they are smartin' after a bad loss and they will be hungry for a win. I'm a bit worried.

Id like to see simpson spy reynolds and limit him to as little as possible.. aswell if we can disrupt burris and his timing, we should be decent....

on another note, can dorsey please just run north and south ? -

that makes sense Artie-Lange!

Someone you know MUST have a satellite dish that is portable...

I'm not so sure about this one. Henry now has something to prove after throwing 4 interceptions in the last game. If Huffer is any kind of a coach he will have those guys primed and ready to kick some Rider butt. On the Rider side of the ball - I don't like our special teams play - punting is very bad and runbacks are miniscule. Offence will be the key to winning and I have no worries there. Our secondary will be tested as I believe Kenyon Rambo will be back - I hope they are up to the task. I still believe the Riders will pull this one out but it will be a high scoring nail biter - it could be game 1 all over again.

Yeah, both teams were not impressive last week. I expect a better effort from both teams this week.

Calgary has done nothing all year.Yeah they're 2-1, but c'mon.They barely got by Toronto the first time, they BARELY got by Hamilton and then they lost to Toronto.I believe Burris has 5 TD passes with 6 INT's.

I will be making the trip to Calgary. Here is hoping that the undefeated season continues this week. Calgary hasnt played well so far this season, and I think they are due for an explosion. Here is hoping that explosion holds on for one more week.