Week 4 vs. Als

Well i predicted against my Riders. Probably not one of the smartest things i've done. As i think the riders will win. But this is a prediction i really dont mind being wrong at.

Honestly, i just dont know how much longer this good fortune can last especially with the piling up injuries. The only thing i can think that wont be soooo horrible about loosing the undressler is that bagg / palmer ( whoever steps in ) has more a repoire with durant being that their 3rd string to start the season. thus more chit chat at water breaks, more playing catch etc etc.

Thoughts ? (other than 'eyebleedgreen is a jerk for predicting the riders to loose')

I worry about the injuries to. For Riders to win Durant has to play good. Will he do it again? Congi has to keep kicking great. Will he? D has to play like it did against Edmonton and BC. Not like it played against Hamilton. Some one has to return like Dressler did. Who? No Flick. No Dressler. Where is the speed in Rider receivers?

I want to think this. The Riders will win at home. But my logic says this could be 1st loss. Montreal looks much better than last year. Do not think they will lose 2 in a row. If Riders lose. I am still happy with 3 and 1 start of season.

How can you seriously ask those questions? The only legitimate question is the one where the speed is. Berman(who is nearly as fast as Dressler) will be splitting duties in Flick's spot with Palmer.

The rest of the questions are worries for every team regardless of injuries.

Where is the speed in Rider receivers?
Answer: Adrius Bowman.

I still don't think he's turned on his jets yet.

We need to pass to andy fantuz more, because he can break tackles like nothing, or atleast he could last year.

I think as long a we watch out for Calvio's long passes we'll be alright. The Riders might struggle a bit, but i think we'll come out on top.

I believe... we will win.

Just keep believing. After all we are the 13th man. You wouldn't want our team to start thinking that way why should we?

I don’t think we’ll have as tough a time defensively as we did with montreal…Calvillo isn’t a threat to move let alone run so we can concentrate more on pass rush than containment…

As for the offense…i think Durant is up for a bigger challenge this week and i don’t for see the numbers matching last week…although u heard it from me first…Wes Cates has his break through game (100 yards rushing and 100 recieving with 2 TD’s)…

Final Score Sask 26 Montreal 17

4-0, I like the soud of that. GO RIDERS!!!!


Als fan here. I think this game will be close either way, but I'll pick my Als by a hair because we don't want to lose two in a row and because I think our D will present a somewhat stiffer challenge for Durant than the Tiger-Cats. That being said, the Riders look pretty strong this year, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them pull out a win on Saturday.

Ill pick my riders because we dont want to lose one in a row :lol:

Heh, nice. However, (and no disrespect intended) we Als fans are very accustomed to hot starts and cold finishes. Sometimes they augur well for the postseason, like when we started 2002 8-0 and went on to win the Grey Cup. At other times, not so much, like our miserable 2001 season which ended in the coach getting fired. I respect your Riders as the top team in the league (along with Calgary), but let's see how the whole season shakes out. :slight_smile:

Not trying to be a "fence sitter" but this game is TOO close to call. This game is in the hands of our D. If they can give AC fits, like last year, we can pull it out! This is the first team we're playing this year that is having success. Edmonton MAY have turned the corner, but they were not up to speed in game one.

I don't think you've watched Montreal at all this season to say that... Montreal leads almost all categories Offensively, including most yards Offensively, Most average yards/game with an average of 454 yars/game and the most first downs. Against Winnipeg, Calvillo scrambled for a 1st down on a 2nd and 17, and he also run 29 yards, only inches away from scoring a Touchdown. If the Riders are going into the game with the same mentality, their in for a big surprise.

I am a little worried for the Als going into this game, but I wouldn't be shocked at all if they come away with 2 points. Durant played a good game against Hamilton, but right now Montreal has something Hamilton didn't, and that's game film. Montreal is going into this game, with some knowledge of what Durant's tendencies are, whereas Hamilton didn't.

I predicted Montreal, out of wishful thinking. The truth of the matter, I don't know who will win this one, and I think it will be the game of the week.

No I agree. It depends on the whole season.

Game just ended… WOWAWOOOIE! am i ever glad i was wrong…

i was YELLING at the tv for the Dline to get their hands up a couple series prior to the tip/pick by frazier. I think they hurd me. And thank-you anton mckenzie for knocking the ball loose to get us the ball right back on that kickoff!

If i were to give out the awards for the game;

Gladiator - Cates
Game Ball - Hughs ( breakout game! )
MVP O - Durant
MVP D - Mckenzie

Honourable mentions: Everyone wearing a green jersey (this includes you 13th man!)

Great game, they are such an exciting team to watch this season. Good game Als, but like we say you gotta play a full 60 mins if you’re going to play the Riders =)

Holy...Mr. jm02 was hollering the same thing at the same time...lo and behold, the tip...eerie...:lol:

One of the most exciting games I have seen in a long time. It had me yelling at the TV on several occasions and I am normally not that person that does that, in fact I get annoyed by that behavior most of the time.

We do need to get healthy, and our D line needs to get some pressure going right now opposing QBs have forever in the backfield. Chick is going to be gone for a month at-least with a strained MCL Jones is doing ok, I have yet to see much of anything from Shultz this year, I don't know if Chunky is an anwser and I don't think that Mullinder is a starter. Need to find a consistent rush end while Chick is out, can Jones fill that I don't know. Who is going to step up there??? Someone needs to.

Shologan is in town and has been practicing for a few weeks...he should be ready to go...let's see if he lives up to the hype...

The Cates call may have been questionable. If the Hill interference call was the play I am thinking about (on Bowman) he had his left arm on Bowman's back and his other arm between the arms of the reciever and wasn't looking for the ball. The right call was made on that so called pick as Dominguez had the ball, came down to the ground both of them having their hands on the ball simaltaneously. Right call was made, maybe you were the one who was drunk out of his mind. Just because your team can't play a full 60 minutes you don't need to get all upset and blame the refs.