Week 4 Unofficial Power Rankings


Bye Week. Not much to add. Remain the class of the league.


It was a close one, but champions pull it out. Some good breaks from the officials but they put the drive together they needed to get the win.


Involuntary bye week. Long break until Labour Day.


The reality is outside of the top 2 it's a logjam of teams that we don't know exactly who they are. BC is one of them. 4 is as good a place to put them.


On the board. It was ugly but to be fair the injuries are piling up. Fact remains they've played two road games against the two best teams in the league.
Dane Evans continues to win games. The D absolutely shut down Vernon Adams and co. Scary stat... They've score 3 more points than Ottawa.


Probably deserved a better fate against Winnipeg. I wouldn't be shocked to see them fighting for a home playoff game in the West.


Self inflicted Bye week.


Looked lifeless against Hamilton. Lose a game they absolutely should win at home. After a strong week 1 they've come back a mile.


The DNA of this team will be a good defense and an offense that can't move the ball. Dom Davis is not the answer despite what TSN would have you believe. They simply don't have the talent on O and Nichols isn't good enough to do it himself


I think you’re about right.
Maybe I’m biased but I think the Lions are going to surprise some people this year.

Winnipeg won last night, but get zero style points...

Nobody is getting style points this year. 15 games in and there hasn't been a good game yet. BC/Sask Mtl/Cg and Cg/Wp were entertaning but for all the wrong reasons. The rest were mostly meh. Ed/BC was okay. Ott/Ed had a bad but entertaining 4th quarter.

Point being that this has been the worst football we have seen in decades.

It's almost as if the first few games were pre-season ones...

I’ve enjoyed every game. Could not disagree with you more.


Me too. Lots of drama so far. Already we've had a couple nail-biters end on the one yard line. :smiley: :+1:

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3DN has us jumping a number of positions: 3DownNation power rankings: Ticats make massive leap | 3DownNation

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I wouldn’t say there’s a big difference in pecking order in spots 4-6, and you might even argue all the way through 8 th spot. Lots of teams struggling with injuries and inconsistency in certain areas. Only Sask and Wpg have looked dominant at times, largely because of defence. By season’s end I think you will see lots of tight playoff races and parity around the league.

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I think you're right. We'll see what happens over the next two games against the blew team. We win those, and I would put us third in rankings.

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Yeah. Things change. New talent becomes available... speaking of which, former CFL Linebacker James Vaughters just got released from the Chicago Bears ( Chicago Bears waive former CFL linebacker James Vaughters | 3DownNation). There's an upgrade for ya. :sunglasses:

Are you lost?

I'm a raving CFL fan who missed a year of football. My own team has abandoned its forum sites so the rest of the CFL forums get to put up with me. Lucky you right? What a privilege. Hey... don't thank me right away. Take your time. The words will come to you. :smiley: :+1:

Really? They had an active forum and just walked away from it?

Presumably COVID-related staff cuts, although it doesn't seem like it would take a lot of time, and someone likely would have volunteered.

Not that I’m trying to get rid of you but wasn’t there an ourbombers.com discussion board? I know the team’s forum site here is pretty sparse these days.