Week 4 Ratings definately not Weak

Excellent ratings- here they are


While the faltering Toronto Blue Jays are still drawing decent television audiences, they can't compare with the Canadian Football League.

The three most-watched sports events over last weekend were three-down football games. What's amazing about that is that only one was what you might call a classic: the Saskatchewan-Edmonton game. The Argo-Bomber game was a yawn and the Stampeders-Lions game was a blowout.
Ratings for the Canadian Open were the lowest ever, but the fact very little golf was played on the weekend had a lot to do with that. I guess people could have looked out the window if they wanted to watch rain.
Here are the weekend sports ratings for English Canada, as provided by BBM Nielsen Media Research:

  1. Football, Argos at Blue Bombers, Friday, TSN: 455,000
  2. Football, Eskimos at Rough Riders, Saturday, TSN: 427,000
  3. Football, Stampeders at Lions, Friday, TSN: 409,000
  4. Baseball, Rays at Blue Jays, Saturday, Sportsnet: 337,000
  5. Baseball, Rays at Blue Jays, Friday, Sportsnet: 332,000*
  6. Baseball, Rays at Blue Jays, Sunday, Sportsnet: 317,000
  7. Auto racing, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Sunday, TSN: 287,000
  8. Golf, Canadian Open, Sunday, Global/CBS: 200,000
  9. Golf, Canadian Open, Saturday, Global/CBS: 157,000
  10. Auto racing, F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 151,000
  11. Aquatics, World diving championships, Saturday, CBC: 150,000
  • Ontario and Pacific channels only

Last year, they claimed an average of 393,000. 2008 was rated as 371,000.

I don't know if the Thursday games are bringing down the average, but the weekends are doing really well.

I'm less suprised the CFL did well than I am that enough people watched diving to even cause a blip in the ratings.

The Thursday games are not included as this is for weekend viewing only.

The numbers have been very strong this year and if this trend continues, I predict the average will be over 400K.

Wk 1: Fri -- 457,000
Wk 2: Fri -- 353,000 & 325,000 -- Sat -- 325,000
Wk 3: Fri -- 413,000 -- Sat 295,000 & 374,000
Wk 4: Fri -- 455,000 & 409,000 -- Sat -- 427,000

Average on posted games ( not including the unknown Wed and Thurs numbers ): 383,300

The TV numbers generally increase from Labour Day onward.