Week 4 Power Rankings

This week Andy and Wray are way off on their thoughts on the Rankings… Let us know yours!!

Wray went easy with the Alouettes.


I’ve been saying all year that I don’t think Hamilton is a good football team and Montreal helped prove that fact!!

It is true. However several variables have to be taken in consideration.

-Sean Thomas Erlington’s injury destroyed the rushing of Hamilton
-Alouettes lost less yards by penalties…but still have 13 for 154 yards
-Ticats offense still made 459 yards
-Adams Jr did well in the circumstances, but did not have terrific stats

I am not saying Montreal didn’t deserve the win. Alouettes’s defence was not that good, but it still locked Banks and Tasker. The offensive line was better protectiong Adams Jr, Quan Bray look like a decent prospect, BJ Cunningham proved he was worth the deal, and of course William Stanback probably nailed the first star of the week. However, I don’t think the team deserves to be at the fifth place. On the other hand, Hamilton’s match againts Calgary will by the first real test for the ticats.