Week 4 For The Cats...

What do you think the Cats are in for this week? Its a short week meaning less rest and practice but how do you think we will fair against the defending champs?

Also what changes do you think will be made?

Usually we don't play well at B.C Place, but keep in mind it's the CFL and anything is possible. The Lions have to lose a game sometime this season- maybe it will be this Thursday (fingers crossed)...

Buck Pierce will likely start if his bone bruise on his throwing hand will allow him to function.

I doubt we will see Dickenson. He was likely concussed again during the Saskatchewan game.

Both QBs will have been evaluated by Monday, so we shall see who gets the nod.


If Pierce can't finish the game, then we will be facing Jarious Jackson. If we can hang with the Lions under those conditions, who knows. Regardless, the Lons defence will give us plenty of challenges.

I expect a competitive game, but BC still has the edge. If they don't have pigskin allergies like Calgary, they should still come out on top.

Oski Wee Wee,

They'll lose 45-10

i say ticats put up a fight and surprise every1 but still lose by 10

Your being Kind I think we don't score a Point or just 3 if where are Very Lucky.

I think we'll keep it really close. With Dickenson out and Pierce nursing a hand injury, this is our chance. It's a matter of setting the pace. If we are forced intoa shootout, we'll lose bad. IF we can hold the offense and work the clock with Lumsden and Holmes, we can keep it close till the end like last week.

Our D needs to play very disciplined, hard nosed football and the O needs consistency.


We need to cut down on the penalties and the mental errors. Also must get more pressure on the QB. Calvillo started 13 for 13 last week. That's can't happen again. Control the clock keep the chains moving and we'll be fine.

BC Rarely makes Mistakes..
We make a Ton of them
That makes all Difference when you have Club Full of Seasoned Players.

This why Have BC Winning in a Blowout..

The only way we can win is if B.C. decides to take us lightly ... not likely my friends.

The only way Hamilton will win against BC is if BC doesn't show up. I predict 48 - 3 for BC. Please prove me wrong guys, I would gladly eat my words.

Cats will be 0-4 on Friday morning.

Taaffe should use this week's game against BC as a practice for the Winnipeg home-and-home: throw in some different players, try some new plays.

I've already given 20 points to Hamilton on a bet....BC will cream this crop. (UNFORTUNATLY)
On the optimistic side...we are imporoving.
On the realistic side...so is every team.

Final score: Lions 56 Ticats 20

I was going to put this in my "Carnac Not" Hall of Fame, but I digress.


Hint: never sound too definitive about predicting CFL games or standings. It either winds up as a Marty York bender or "Schultz Against The World's Biggest Ball of Twine"... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I hope you didn't bet the house on that one :wink:

Serves you right, though, ye of little faith.