Week 4: Edmonton Elks (0-3) at Ottawa Redblacks (0-2)

Whose “0” will go?

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CFL.ca Power Rankings

8. Ottawa REDBLACKS (0-2)

Last week: 8

Last game: 26-15 loss to Calgary (Week 2)
Next game: Vs. Edmonton, Fri. June 30

Worth noting: The REDBLACKS turn to Tyrie Adams at QB, while Jeremiah Masoli inches closer to a return. With a home losing streak that gets overshadowed by the 19-game run of futility that Elks have, the REDBLACKS have a chance this week to pile on to the Elks’ woes and generate some momentum after a difficult start.

9. Edmonton Elks (0-3)

Last week: 9

Last game: 43-31 loss to Toronto
Next game: At Ottawa, Fri. June 30

Worth noting: It may feel dire for Elks fans, who will watch their team try to sort through its quarterback issues in the wake of a second-half collapse that dropped them to 0-3. The silver lining to this cloud is that they head to Ottawa this week, where backup Tyrie Adams is set to start. That first win of the season (home or away) may be the mental hurdle this group needs to clear to get its season on track. Just three games in, there’s still lots of time to salvage things.

3DN Power Rankings

7) Ottawa Redblacks (8)

Sometimes in the East Division, the best thing you can do for your power rankings stock is not play. With a Week 3 bye keeping them on the back burner, Ottawa’s 0-2 start doesn’t look nearly as bad as the ineptitude of some others. They also have one thing going for them that others don’t: the imminent return of an elite quarterback.

9) Edmonton Elks (9)

Taylor Cornelius’ tenure as Edmonton’s starting quarterback appears to be over and there is a new kid on the block in Jarret Doege. The 25-year-old rookie generated 163 passing yards and two touchdowns but committed a pick-six after coming off the bench against Toronto. The result was the same, as the Elks lost their 19th straight home game to extend the darkest era in franchise history.

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Wow. Really surprised that they gave Locksley the hook like that. He should be able to find work pretty easily somewhere else as he is a good short yardage QB.

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I read a rumour that he later refused to go in for a play. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it wouldn’t be shocking based on his body language on the sidelines.

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That would make total sense then. I listened to the game on XM radio driving home form the NCAA College World Series and the CHED announcers made no mention of the body language. Chris Jones certainly does not tolerate stuff like that.

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3 tries from the 1 yard line, failed against Riders. Not a good short yardage qb.

First tie of the season


Oh yeah. I forgot about that. My fault.



Doubt any coach accepts that sort of team commitment…

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Yes, so Locksley is released pronto.

Yes, like Ron Lancaster and Craig Yeast who was also released pronto.

Or like Orlondo and Chris Edwards. . . oops

Years ago Kurt Warner refused to go into a play during practice with the Green Bay Packers and was cut… So a guy can recover but if the report is true… Tough sledding for the Green & Gold.

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Eugene Lewis out for Friday’s game.


Chris Jones was asked today whether the team has soured on Tre Ford because he has not been in uniform so far this season. Jones replied by saying that in the CFL, they need to have a specialist QB on the roster for short yardage. Without such a need, Ford would been dressing.

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The curse of Nanook?? Lawler was not terrific last year and Lewis is not off to a terrific start. Hope Nanook gets too much wildfire smoke and goes up to the Artic.


Well I certainly wouldn’t put Ford in for short yardage…plus we gotta get the other two sorted out.

Will it be Doege or Corny or both leading the charge? I think once that’s sorted Ford will be dressed again.

The dilemma is that Ford is the future - not the present obviously. I would guess he will play at some point but they don’t want a repeat of last season where he’s out hurt most of the season.


That’s potentially pretty impactful although if Edmonton doesn’t have a QB that can get him the ball it might not matter much.


Yep, I’m still deliberating on whether to switch my pick to Ottawa.

Both teams will be starting new young QBs. That can bring a lot of positive energy, but it can also expose young QBs who are not ready for the tempo and pressure of pro ball.

I picked Edmonton because they seem to have the stronger run game should the QBs falter. And losing Lewis makes that even more likely, so . . . ???