Week 4: 3-0 Roughriders @ 1-2 Stampeders

Should be a good game, 23 degrees and sunny for Thursday.

Keys to the game for Saskatchewan:
Keep playing lights out Defense contain Cornish in the Run game, force Glenn to do the work, tire him out get pressure and force bad decisions.
Offence needs to kick it into gear, kind of a no show with an exception of a few flashes from Getzlaf and Sheets among others, get some consistancy and put up some points.
Glad Durant has been smart thus far (knock on wood) he needs to keep that up but we need to start racking up points or our defence will get very tired very fast.

Precition Saskatchewan wins 24-16

Riders - 29
Calgary - 23

Keep their offense off the field. Keep their defense on the field with ball control and long drives. ST's keep Larry Taylor under control. Limit the penalties and turnovers. Scoring more points on offense would be a big plus.

continue the good run coverage on Cornish.
I believe Glenn is going to be sacked a few time...he is not as mobile as the last 3 QBs the Riders faced
Contain Taylor...great job on BC, so they can do it.
continue with the great ball control on O. DD has suffered from a few drops and just missing on the long ball...if some of that comes together the Riders O should put up a few more points, which will be nice.

pressure, pressure, pressure.


Getz plays well against the Stamps. Dressler is being watch so Bagg and Harper/Sisco should get more throws. Our O has not put up alot of points lately but they have controlled the ball with as mentioned earlier no turn overs.

Key on Cornish and he will get frustrated like we saw last week. Puts more pressure on Glenn.

Well we are at the top of the stands, Calgary has lost thier starting QB witha hot/cold vetran stepping up. Two good Ds, another dangerous return for the Riders to defend against. Tons of Riders fans in the stands... Getz plays well against these guys if I recall right based on previous games.

Im liking our chances. The team is really playing as a team and just pumped when they are playing. Your much stronger as a team. And our backups when needed have stepped upto the plate.

I'd be willing to extend Chamblins contract now and NOT let him pull an Austin and get out of his contract. Okay perhaps a bit soon, but I'm impressed. That's another topic.

Should be a great game if we come out 4-0 things will be looking great

I see that Rob Bagg is off the roster for the Calgary game,, a numbers thing or is he banged up ?

9 gamed. I am guessing they liked what they saw from Sisco and Bagg has not returned to former glory. I hope to see Bagg back, but who knows.

"Rob Bagg was dealt more bad luck this week. The Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver has been placed on the nine-game injured list, according to the roster on the team's website.

Bagg injured his hamstring in Saturday's win over the BC Lions, but told reporters on Monday that he was fine. Head coach Cory Chamblin said on Tuesday the 27-year-old would be a game-time decision for Thursday.

It's unclear if the hamstring injury is what landed Bagg on the nine-game injured list.

The fifth-year veteran from Queen's missed all of last season with a knee injury."

From another couple articles...Sounds as though Graham may be starting on Thursday as well. There were still some issues with coverage in that position.

Also, LabBatte should be starting and Best looks to be dressed for the game.

More of the same. Crazy defense. Stop Cornish. Pressure glenn and get him moving out of pocket............get the hands up and impact his downfield vision.

I'd like to see our offense get going with more points.

Milo has to get his FG percentage up...........60%-70% ain't going to slice it. His punting has been really great so he needs to nail more FG's................becuase when you miss a field goal what can happen............ask Paul MacCallum bhahbahhahahahahahaha.

Make the tackles, hold onto the ball and score more points than the red guys............keep it simple.

Good game but last 7 minutes nothing but mental farts by the Riders. Calgary saw us kil the clock using Sheets and were waiting for this in this game. We never adjusted. Soft zone play at the end. DD is starting to telegraph his throws again, move that head around. Oline missed some key blocks at the ends resulted in some vicious hits on DD.

DD really has to start moving a bit more outside of the pocket and take the run when it's there. If he doesn't get rid of the ball within 3 or 4 seconds, he has to get moving. He is getting great protection but he has to know that it can't last. His legs is one of his strengths.