week 3 vs Eskimos

Even though it is still 48 hours to kickoff, what are people's thoughts about this Saturday's game vs Edmonton?

riders by 10 :smiley:

I'm thinking if Richie can't start to get things rolling in Edmonton he might be applying for his old job back.


Riders 34 Eskimos 23

Riders 37 Eskimoos 18

Eskimos have too many issues and they are in Regina.. unlike last year, they won't be winning this one.

The Riders are just too strong and too confident in their abilities this time.

the beginning of 2010 is the absolute opposite of the start of 2009..

Riders 37-27.

I like that score....Count me as a "Copy-cat".

31 - 28 Riders on top

We were one Eskimo mistake away from a loss. I'm happy for us, but sad for Richie...he will probably have to fall on his sword when it is the players who are not doing their job.