Week 3 "Up For Grabs"

Looks like Week 3's starting QB is up for grabs... EVEN Williams has a shot at it... I think Charlie is seeing Maas for what he really is.... AWFUL!

"We'll see how things go in practice," Desjardins said. "All three guys played (against Toronto) and any one of the three can be a possibility to start, even Richie. He showed some athleticism and moved around well."

Sounds about right to me, HTD.

Ought to be interesting as to how it shakes down!

Oski Wee Wee,

I think that Maas may be hurt.

I think that Chang will get the start

Chang needs reps to improve, maybe we can shape him into a superstar. How many years would a healthy Maas have left anyways? Let’s get this guy ready to be next inline for the throne.

I think we will see an experienced QB come in this week or next (Butler?)and a Maas trade to Edmonton.

Chang is not ready to start this season.

why would we sign butler after releasing him and he played horrible against winnipeg in exhibition

Butler is not with the team anymore....
Maas will not be traded, at least not this week.

ETMRaw, if we keep Chang on the bench, getting back-up reps, how much can he improve? Not nearly as much as if he gets the starting role. Chang is a team-player who brings energy into the QB role. Now, he didn't light up the field when he played on Saturday, but he moved the ball, even though he dealt with some major botched snaps. If Chang isn't ready now, he'll never be ready.

I see your point, but if Chang does start, we will still need an experienced back-up (they will not carry Maas’s salary in a back-up role, and I don’t think Jason would take a pay cut)

I don't think it really matters who starts. Unless the rest of the offense gets in tune no qb will be successful

I really think Chang should start, it just seems the O has confidence in his abilities and he may “take them to the next level”

Hopefully by then the mental errors will be worked out a bit and the O-Line working ALOT better together so we can utilize the run early, once we get behind the run is abandoned and I’d like to see Lumsden and Holmes play huge roles too

I'm sick of hearing about Maas being "injured." He has been given every opportunity to make something happen with the offence this year, and has done NOTHING. And if you think it's the receivers' fault, or the O-Line's fault, think again. A good CFL QB should be able to scramble away from pressure and zip passes into tight coverage. Maas can't do either, but Chang can. That's why Chang should start the rest of the season.

Plus, we have to think that Chang will be here next year, but Maas will not. So why not give our QB of the future some invaluable experience this year by PLAYING HIM?! (Kind of like what Buffalo did with Losman).

I would even like to see Williams get some playing time. Like Chang, he's got the skill-set that can make him an exciting player in the CFL.