Week 3 Unofficial Power Rankings


Now the solid early favourite in the West. Fajardo continues to scrap his way to wins. Defence continues to impress, new faces on the OLine continue to play well.


The second end of a home and home had trap game written all over it, probably already looking ahead to the Labour Day Banjo Bowl games.


2-1 and playing two vs the defending champs is not bad. Arbuckle provided more life to the offense than MBT.


QB games behind them they had a chance to make a statement at home and failed to deliver. Likely going to fight for 3rd behind the heavyweights.


Back down to earth after a huge week 2. Need a bigger sample size on these guys.


1st game starters normally don't play well on struggling teams. Was not the case here. Calgary enters the log jam of "not horrendous" teams.


Disclaimer. Not a fan of moving teams on bye. It remains to be seen if Hamilton is as bad as their first two games show, but in fairness there isn't a tougher back to back than @Wpg and @Sask. If they don't show anything against Montreal expect to see them in the basement.


Finally on the board. Harris and Ellingson started to show some life. A solid road win and reason to potentially move them up the board soon.


At least they broke 100 yds passing. A D that can keep them in games but they simply can't move the ball.


Good job . I mostly agree with your rankings except I would swap out Edmonton for Hamilton .


Two of our Eastern rivals played our first two opponents yesterday. You properly gave the Argos and Arbuckle their deserved credit. But I think you sold Ottawa short. I saw them hang in there longer than we did in Regina.
Frank - not panicking, but really concerned.

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No way we're better than Edmonton right now.

Agree with the rankings. Sask looks really good right now but having three home games in a packed stadium definitely helped them out. Not to mention playing two of the weaker teams and a half against O’Rourke thrown in at the last minute to start for BC. They will come back down to earth as they play tougher road games. Winnipeg will also level off, you saw a bit of this yesterday. I think the west will be pretty tight by late season, don’t see anyone pulling away there.

Toronto looking like the team to beat right now in the East, they have really improved their defence and Rogers, Collins and Daniels all good receivers. Montreal I feel will be up and down all season - Adams is inconsistent but can still pull out heart stopping finishes. The magic won’t always be there though like we saw Friday night. Hamilton will keep struggling I feel, best we can hope is they figure out their oline/ offence/qb issues by mid season and gain some momentum in second half of year with more home games. Ottawa’s defence will keep them in games, but I’m not sure Nichols and that offence will do enough to get them over the hump.

I saw similar games, really the difference in the score was a Masoli last drive pick 6.

Sask runs the late TD in yesterday and the games were identical really. Close(ish) score that flattered the losers.

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True, Fajardo sat on it. From the line of scrimmage, the RBs only had 37 more yards than we had. Just that they scored their TD early in the 4th and we scored our only and last at the middle of the 2nd. So that clouded my perspective.
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Honestly I wanted to. And going back i may have done it.

I just think Edmonton got another week to show something and Hamilton didn't. Had Hamilton played Ottawa and beat them 16-13 they would have stayed in 7th.

If Hamilton looks bad in Montreal they're likely going to 9 anyways.

Who would have though a month ago that this statement would even have to be made in a Power Rankings thread? :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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They'll go to 10 if that happens . Never mind 9 .


Anybody that says they saw it coming is lying. Or they hate Masoli so much that they hoped it would happen. Can't think of anyone that fits that description though.


No even with the benefit of hindsight it still doesn't make sense what the Cats are going through. There were no real signs or questionable decisions being made. Sure they lost a few players but the core was still there. :thinking:

My “uh oh” moment was when I saw that 25% of our starters were on an injured list days before game 1. Others suggested it was just temporary roster management tactics, but alas, no.

A dedicated, smart beat reporter would have pointed out problems leading up to to week one.
Wouldn't have changed the outcome of course but would have tempered expectations and put two losses in context.
SSK media for example were all over Rider issues almost at panic levels.

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We were all made aware of injury reports and who would be lining up at most positions to cover for starters. If you are talking about the extent and nature of injuries I’d tend to agree with you there, as we still don’t really know what is up with Addison, Posey, Laurent etc. But if the team isn’t forthcoming I’m not sure that a Steve Milton can beat information out of Steinauer.

With no preseason games to base on, hard to know what to make of any of the teams prior to start of the season - if the coaches can’t really judge if someone is cut out for offensive tackle not sure Justin Dunk, Bubba O’Neill or Milton is in a better position to point this out or know what questions to ask based on some light non- contact camp drills. Sask media is in a separate realm and we all know that - Riders are the team there and everything they do gets dissected. Here team gets lost amid Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, NFL, Wimbledon, TFC, Olympics etc.

Ticats supposedly resumed practice today and this would have been a good opportunity to ask coaches what they have been working on personnel wise and game planning over the bye week to try to improve - nothing reported on CH from what I saw tonight.

Indeed there are injuries. Still though I think most of us had faith in Orlondo and our GMs to just plug in the next man up. They seemed to find quite a bit of talent in 2019 so the expectation was there.

The 2019 season seemed to be the start of a winning culture. Sure there were a couple of hiccups (the Grey Cup game). But heading into 2021 with 2 healthy starting calibre QBs this team was considered the favourite in the East.

This to me is why those 1st two games are a total shell-shock.

Things aren't good, right now, for the Elks. This week could see them lose, without taking the field.

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Literally the only positive is the Argos don't have to have a home game 5 days apart. Given their attendance situation that may have been bad.

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Not good. If it was isolated to a couple players only they may have been able to use some guys from their practice roster or one of the league taxi squads.

Originally I thought situations like this would call for a 1-0 forfeit by the affected team. Now looks
like they’re trying to reschedule.

The make-up game should be Friday October 1 in Toronto. The Elks play in Ottawa the Tuesday before (Sept 28) so they'll stay in Ontario until the Argo game. It has to be Friday to give the Argos enough time to prepare for Ottawa just 5 days later on Wednesday in Toronto.

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