Week 3 TV: League Average at 713.25K

The numbers are in and the highest average ratings of the year at 713.25, as we have the RDS figures for the Calgary - Montreal game.

                  CGY-MTL    Thursday                  TSN/RDS: 799, 000
                  WPG-EDM    Friday                     TSN: 596, 000
                  BC-SSK        Saturday afternoon  TSN: 707, 000
                  TOR-HAM    Saturday night          TSN: 751, 000

I guess Sask fans really lost interest after last years dismal season?

Too bad.

They have averaged over 31k for both their home games! :roll: A saturday afternoon game in the middle of a summer, people may have been outside and probably listening to the radio.

Funny, when that gets brought up regarding the teams in Southern Ontario it is labeled as an excuse, not a reason.

The numbers were still high and their stadium was full, can you say the same about TOR,HAM or MTL? Not even close.

The viewership was still 273,000 more than last week's afternoon game between Calgary and Toronto! It was also the highest rated afternoon game through 3 weeks.

How do you know this a Toronto problem and not a Calgary problem? When Hamilton opened against Calgary in week 2 a couple of years ago, the TV audience was similarly low. This year in Hamilton’s week 2 game against BC, there was an audience of 727,000, also pretty high number. So maybe the problem is in Calgary, though I’m sure there are many excuses that are valid for a Western team but invalid for an Eastern team.

On attendance, Hamilton was not even 1000 short of Calgary for their respective home openers, despite the fact that Calgary has higher income and lower unemployment than Hamilton and it has nearly double the population of Hamilton. If Hamilton can get 25,682 out for its home opener, why can’t Calgary sell out its own?

Calgary has averaged over 30k over the last 15 years, it's the least of the leagues problems. Can Ham ,Tor or MTL say the same? Be a big crowd in Calgary this week for a big time rival. Hamilton should have sold out for their game against a so called hated rival?!

The TV numbers for the ticats/argos game are very good :thup:

As I posted in the other thread, there is talk of a blackout for the game. Which I dont get...

Blackout for which game?

Moral of the story: stop with the Saturday afternoon games.

October is fine, love them in Winnipeg. Nothing beats going to see the Bombers in the aft and Jets in the evening. Sunday morning hurts a tad!

I agree with you, replace them with Sunday night prime time.

from me anyways, it is brought up as an excuse to not be attending the games...not viewership. I can understand a lot of people do not intend to sit inside on a beautiful summer afternoon, though also do understand that some opt out of attending games on said days as well. Non the less, pretty solid numbers all around

Ya the other thing they do not count is that a lot of people are now watching the games on demand if the weather is nice out. Heck listening to the game on the radio isn’t uncommon as well especially when the weather is nice after a few screwy freak weeks of tornados and such.

good point. Seems this is growing in vast numbers just by reading on forums and talking to the odd person.

GO figure eh? And those numbers are for a week end game during a very hot summer. If Hamilton could get more people to pay to see the games live they would have more sells outs. The same thing could be said about the Argos. Not a sell out but much better than close to 21,000 . :thup:

Again , the real test of every CFL teams true attendance and T.V. ratings happens during and after , LABOUR DAY.

In Calgary , a record number of people went to the Stampede. However , some people don't think that other events at the same time as CFL games don't hurt a CFL teams tickets sales. Again , go figure?

Hopefully the TV ratings can get back to where they were 2 years ago, when the average was 876,000. Last year the TSN viewership plummeted to 637,000. They will be negotiating a new TV deal at the end of the year so you hope that they can go in to negotiations with some decent ratings as a bargaining point.

The ratings are still decent even though you say they “plummeted”, though “waned” might be a more appropriate word to describe the (likely cyclical) loss of viewers. Regardless, the ratings are still VERY strong, and they appear to be rising again this year so far. The league is in good shape for negotiations as no doubt it’s a range of ratings over the length of the previous contract that’s important and not one season.