Week 3: Toronto Argonauts (1-0) at Edmonton Elks (0-2)

Can the Elks break their home losing streak against the reigning champs?

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CFL.ca Power Rankings

3. Toronto Argonauts (1-0)

Last week: 3

Last game: 32-14 win over Hamilton
Next game: At Edmonton, Sun. June 25

Worth noting: The Argos, led by Chad Kelly on offence, looked every bit defending Grey Cup champs at home against their arch-rivals from down the QEW. If Kelly can continue to play with the overall poise and effectiveness that he showed in his debut as the starting QB, this team will be a force this season.

9. Edmonton Elks (0-2)

Last week: 7

Last game: 22-0 loss to BC
Next game: Vs. Toronto, Sun. June 25

Worth noting: The offence came to a screeching halt in BC this past week for the Elks. While Chris Jones had Taylor Cornelius‘ back after the Elks’ shutout loss at BC Place, he’ll need more production from that spot when the suddenly big, bad Argos roll into Commonwealth Stadium. Going 13-23 for 91 yards won’t get it done, we all know that. How much patience will Jones have and will he be rewarded for it?

3DN Power Rankings

2) Toronto Argonauts (3)

After they sat out Week 1, nobody quite knew what to expect from the defending champion Argonauts and their new quarterback Chad Kelly. What we got was flashes of brilliance from the Grey Cup hero — particularly in the first half — and a dominant win over Hamilton, fueled by Kelly’s three rushing touchdowns. Their status as kings of the East is safe for now.

9) Edmonton Elks (8)

When you get shut out for the first time in 47 years, there will always be a spot for you at the bottom of the power rankings. A solid defensive outing couldn’t cover the stick of Edmonton’s putrid offence this week, as they were held to just 146 total yards. Quarterback Taylor Cornelius continues to struggle, throwing for just 98 yards against B.C., but Chris Jones remains inexplicably committed to the third-year gunslinger.

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If Edmonton is going to pull of the upset, they have to get Lewis more involved.


Eugene sounds mad. i wish the Elks would play Tre Ford.

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If Cornelius doesn’t put up some points in the first Q against the Argos, I can’t see how they wouldn’t give Locksley and/or Ford some snaps. They have to do something. Heck, try a wildcat formation a few times!

And this Radically Canadian 90s night looks fun:


Doege who had a great outing in Preseason A was activated last week - whether to help Corny or as an option I don’t know. Maybe they give him some play packages.
I think that’s part of getting Corny going - get the offence moving before he comes in.

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It does look fun, although “radical” and the triangle designs were more 80s things iirc.


I took Toronto in the pool but I think this one is closer than most think. Jones still knows how to dial up his defence and shut down Harris and Adams for the most part weeks 1 and 2. Not sold on Cheektowaga Chad yet - he didn’t make any big errors Sunday but that Hamilton defence was giving the Argo receivers all kinds of cushion. Argos D can get it done so I think the plan has to be - Eugene Lewis, Eugene Lewis, and Eugene Lewis. Then start working the run game including all your mobile qbs.


I think Jones maybe thought he was going to be able to run a pass heavy CFL offence with all those impressive receiver resumes. Not going to work if Cornelius can’t be a solid passing QB and with an iffy O-line. Too bad he doesn’t have it to run a diverse CFL offence with plenty of ground game (Brown is a real good back IMO) and with run option mobile QBs - either of Cornelius and maybe especially Tre Ford could bring that.

Defence is maybe pretty decent but hardly a shut-down or dominant type that some thought this supposed defensive guru could bring (starting a bunch of rookie DBs is a recipe for trouble, and why Hutter got kicked to the curb/bench is puzzling)

Might be another real long season, but I hope not - like to see all CFL teams be competitive.


One big IF in this game. Jones defence has only allowed two touchdowns in their first two games. That’s 6 opposition visits to the Red Zone, and two touchdowns…

IF the Elk’s offence gets moving this could be the upset of the season so far.

What are you smoking?
Cornelius finished as the best running QB in the league last year…
And the Elks were 3rd overall on the ground last season…
In the top performers so far this season there are two Elks O-linemen…
Defence has, despite all time they spent on the field allowed the opposition 2 touchdowns on 6 trips to the red zone so far this year.


Qb Corn has tremendous Potential. Every athlete hates the ‘P’ tag if he has any fight in him. Looks like he has the physical potential but not the football IQ of a CFL qb like Lancaster, Jack Parker, Wilkinson, Rourke,

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Either that or they’ll have to keep Toronto from getting to Commonwealth Field in time for the game. Maybe find out where the Argo Bus is parked and flatten a few tires.

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They have figured out how to beat the Elks. Stop the running back, force Qb Corn to pass, he only completes half for not much yardage. And the O Line can’t withstand the pressure without a run game. Qb Corn will not run after his near death from last year injury.

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Everyone’s figured out how to beat the Elks. Just show up to the game.

(But for the sake of our league I hope that Edmonton puts up a good fight tomorrow)

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Tre Ford a healthy scratch and benched for a rookie American QB as 3rd stringer; gee, what a shocker.


i think Tre Ford could be had in a trade and i think Ti-Cats would be fools not to be all over it.