week 3 Riders vs Argos

what's your pick?

I believe the Argo strategy in this game will be shallow flat roll-out (almost a screen pass in distance) to pull the OLB out, then hit quick slants over the hash marks to the SB. You pretty much need to cover Crackert, and honestly, if I were the Argos I would be tempted to use a dual back set a bit, getting Durie in the game as a great set of hands...this would force the LBs to stick to one each, and might even keep the DEs at bay a bit...but that won't happen. They will do the previously mentioned play, and attempt to suck in Brack, who has been creeping pretty close to the line a lot...when he does, you will not see a slant, but a post...spread the D to the edges, pas up the middle on quick hitters, then go long...that is my theory.

I hope that the Rider D elects to keep the Safety back a bit, because once Owens is past you, you are in trouble.

As far as the Rider CBs go, I think they have the speed to match the Argo WRs, so I am not overly worried even if they do decide to play a bit tighter again, like they did early last week.

I am expecting the Rider D will be attempting a bit of an underneath zone with man over, much as early last week, with whatever OLB shadowing the RB, the other rolling in, and the MLB rolling slightly out. They have the speed at LB to do this now, and they seemed to gel well last week, the Stamps simply had too fast of WRs on the outside and the D strategy had to change.

On O, I do not expect a lot to change over last week, except I think we will see a couple more screens, McHenry will get 3, and Smith is going to have a big play in there somewhere.

43-18 Riders. They have played well in Toronto, and are due for a 40 plus point game this season. Look for much the same type of game with controlling the pace by running the football as last week.

ha...there's a resounding vote of confidence!

Ricky Ray at the helm is a good thing for the Argos/and or the league. Rider D-unit will be challenged; Sask. less than 10

Toronto - 26
Roughriders- 28

This one will be closer than the first 2 - but still a WIN. :cowboy:


Pretty impressive...400+ yards surrendered and they won.

I think it is becoming clear that this team gets better as the game progresses, which is a nice change.

The OL is wearing out DLs, and then Sheets turns it on...hopefully a trend that continues.
The D isn't getting immense pressure. Ray had a great game considering really...but that pressure made him turf a few. There were a couple deep ones again that the Riders got lucky on defensively, but also some very good coverage deep. Really, only the Buttler play was a truly beaten D, the rest was earned by a HOF QB...when he had time early, he was good...when down, even by 1 score, they seemed almost in panic mode.

I kinda figured all the attention would go to Dressler, which is why I anticipated Smith having a big play...2 was even better (pity on the one drop early). What really impressed me with Cortez was this...Robinson went for a ball and missed it, then the Riders got a fortunate call on a pick 6. Cortez sat on that for the series (got them in the endzone...huge!), and then made a play that he knew Robinson would bite one...he was super aggressive and wanted that pick back...cut 'the man' (Dressler) under him, and send his man deep...that is just plane awareness and keeping smart notes! The Argos did a similar thing when they finally got the Kackert / Buttler match-up.

There were a few sloppy plays and fumbles early, but again, they just got better as the game progressed. Definitely not their best game on O, but on a slightly shorter week and traveling East, a win is huge.

Getz has been solid this season, but bouncing a short kick of his chest with actually impressive room around him...scary.

I think DD is alright, I say he is better after 3 days...looked like a mild sprain as he was walking around afterwards on the sideline...hope this is the case.

When Willy came in I know they did the smart thing...up the gut, but only 1 pass a little disappointing (ie 2nd and 6 when we all knew they were going to run...shoulda been a pass)...still, they were in run D, and drove it home. Again, I know it was the smart approach.

This game didn't seem as close as it ended...I suppose because outside of the 1st, the Argos really did little!

OH...And Sanders...another amazing game returning! Winning the field position battle consistently!

O-line just crushing guys. I was skeptical about the high priced line..............it is coming together real nice. My favourite O-line is Best. He looks to be playing well and he does not stop until the whistle. He took a hold last night but I thought he played real well.

Chick..........I just hope Chick is getting re-wired to the CFL game. I watched him alot last night and he got doubled often. He collapses the pocket. He was very close to getting to Ricky a number of times. He should get 2 assists on two of the sacks last night.

Ferri - wanted to rip Owens apart last night. Not a bad thing to have one ultra aggressive guy out there. Spice in Brack and Butler and look out receivers.

Sheets was Sheets. Good for him getting Mom and Dad some TD's.

Taj Smith - Two nice long ones...............but that drop was a killer. At the end it didn;t matter but he needs to eliminate those drops.

Bagg - Good on Bagg. 3-4 catches and looked quick

Defense bent alot but we won. They scored a late one in cleanup time.

10 days rest for DD and Geroy and anyone else..........McHenry

Actually, that's Best's big downside. He often DOESN'T stop playing at the whistle. The skill is definitely there. The attitude is lacking sometimes. Not one of my favorite players.

Watched the interview with Chad Owens after the game...what was he talking about re: guys have to take care of their families and someone hitting too hard or something? Sounded like a bunch if whining but I missed most of the game. Did we deliver some dirty/questionable hits or something?

Haven't seen the interview...I will assume it was the hit by Ferri. IMO Ferri went after the head full blast, shoulder first...intentional or not, it was nasty. Owens was shaken.

Could have been the hit on Owens, or maybe the one by Butler on Drurie near the end. Drurie looked out on his feet. Owens was visibly ticked on the sideline, maybe feeling it was too hard a hit with the game a done deal by then.

I'm more impressed with Chamblin as the season progresses. Bringing in Cortez has been a great addition. And the emphasis on field position - strengthening both punting and returns - has been rewarding so far.

It should be a fun season to watch.

Yeah...the idea of lightening up late, I personally find ridiculous. If they want to tone it down when they are down by 3 scores or whatever then they should not be running a hurry up O and what not...you get what you give...I am sure the Riders would have been content facing a light running game and intermediate passes the last bit and then backed off. But yes, there were a few big hits Owens was pissy about. I generally like Owens, but his attitude in this game turned me off a bit, as he came up bitching lots.

Must be all that UFC crap in his head!

I did not hear the comments, but I would say that Owens would have a legit beef with the Ferri hit. As for Butler on Durie, that was unfortunate, but stuff like that is always going to happen when players are trained all their life to get low on contact. This lowers your head into danger. I don't think anything can be done about that.

But this also brings up the activity after the Ferri hit when Chris Best came storming in WAY after the whistle to give someone a big shove. Risking 15 yards in defense of a teammate's dirty play. Good job 66. :roll:

He practiced MMA before he was in the CFL

I think the Riders made sure to lay a big lick on Owens any chance they got during the game, and I'm okay with that. Ferri did have a late hit out of bounds on him that Owens has every right to be upset about. The very next play after that hit, it was Ferri that laid him out clean in the middle of the field though, and Owens was clearly still upset.

I was at the game and the green guys played incredible - a great game to see live. The smackdowns all over the field by Ferri, brack, Butler, etc., could be heard throughout the cavern, er Skydome , I mean Rogers Centre. That was an all-around game and the yards given up flatters the Argos. Much of it was when they really didn't have a chance anymore - but I'd give them full marks for effort ... until the last couple of Sask drives where it was obvious that their D either gave up or ran out of gas or both.