Week 3 Power Rankings anybody?

surprised there is not a thread on this, so I guess I will give it a shot.

I am going to stick with my week 2 rankings

I think sask, cal, and bc are obvious.
Mont at bottom is obvious to me.
Wpg only beat Mont.
Ham only beat WPG
Tor and Ed both beat Ham but Tor lost to Cal while Ed lost to BC, meaning Tor lost to the better team.

in week 3 the winners were all teams I ranked higher than the losers. No need to change at this point I think.

Riders are the class of the league at this point, but there's a massive talent gap between the top three (Riders, Calgary, BC) and the rest of the down and outs.

Toronto at #4 after being boatraced by the Riders? Edmonton at #4 after such an embarrassing loss to BC?

TSN rankings: http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=97698 (Sask, BC, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton)

Sportsnet rankings: http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cf ... -top-spot/ (Sask, Calgary, BC, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal)

CBC rankings: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opini ... k-3-1.html (Sask, BC, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton)

And for my rankings, where the league is really dividied into two groups (the good teams, and everyone else):

  1. Saskatchewan - Unbeaten, easy.
  2. BC - Can't take much from a rainy game against Edmonton, but Calgary has more injury problems.
  3. Calgary - Injury problems leave question marks, still a dangerous team against anybody in the league.
  4. Winnipeg - SOMEONE has to go here, because you can't rank everyone 7th. Will be very dangerous if they figure out how to score points.
  5. Toronto - Very tiny gap between 4 and 5, they could move themselves into best in the East without a lot of improvement. Not that best in the East really says a lot this year.
  6. Hamilton - Not so much about them, but how everyone else ranks around them.
  7. Edmonton - Arguably worse than Montreal, but they're in a rebuilding year and not facing panic mode. Plus, they might get better as Reily gains experience.
  8. Montreal - Ugly, ugly, ugly. All is not right on this team, and losing Flory is going to make things even worse for AC, who was already a sitting duck trying to run an offense that the team doesn't seem to believe in. Fans are already drawing knives for the coaching staff.

Well might as well give this a shot! No rhyme or reason to it here goes!



From what I like to call my week to weak rankings:

Week 1..... Week 2 .... Week 3
Calgary... ...Sask.... .....Sask.
Mont.... ...Calg.... .......Cal.
Sask.... ....BC ... .........BC
Tor.... ...Tor.... .........Tor.

Wpg. .......Wpg. .........Ham.
Ham. ......Mont. ..........Wpg.
BC ........Edm. .............Mont.
Edm. ......Ham. ..........Edm.

FWIW -My calculated rankings, which are based on scores, home vs. away, and prior week rankings. They are often close to what my gut tells me, although occasionally they have some bizarre things show up.

Saskatchewan - 1.057
BC - 0.768
Calgary - 0.718
Winnipeg - 0.423
Toronto - 0.368
Hamilton - 0.284
Montreal - 0.239
Edmonton - 0.178

I’m not sure I would have had Edmonton below Montreal, but then again, they’ve been beaten badly in two games, and their only win was against a weak Hamilton team. As for the rest, Saskatchewan in first, duh; BC and Calgary pretty much tied for second, again duh; the east tied for fourth overall, basically what I’d think except with maybe Montreal trailing by a bit more, tied with Edmonton at the bottom…

Hmmm... let's see..

  1. Sask
  2. BC
  3. Calgary
  4. Toronto
  5. Montreal
  6. Hamilton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Edmonton

Never thought I'd be saying this, but I don't see how you can put BC ahead of Calgary at this point....not with the Week 1 head-to-head so lopsided.


I spose you could interchange them... but IMO, BC has improved from week 1 while Calgary has not...

1.(1) Saskatchewan - #1 last week, only undefeated team and beat up on their opponent again. Gee, where to rank 'em…
2.(2) Calgary - They dropped (a weak win), but not in ranking, just a bigger gap between them and the Riders now
3.(4) BC - Not really a deserving third, would have lost to almost any other team, but they did win
4.(3) Winnipeg - A beat up team that would have won but for injuries and some key mistakes
5.(6) Toronto - The fact I move them up has less to do with the Argos and more to do with how pathetic the 3 below them are
6.(8) Hamilton - Still too much wrong to put them higher, but better than…
7.(5) Edmonton - Ugly, ugly, ugly. Waaaa, it rained again. At least BC showed for 1 quarter, more than the Eskies can say.
8.(7) Montreal - Where to begin. It hasn’t been this ugly for Montreal in a very long time. (no need to change last weeks comment)

Because BC has gotten better since that game, which is what power rankings measure.

which is why no one should be rating bombers higher than 7th since they are so beat up now. Another way of saying they have gotten worse.

They scored 1 point in the first half last week and only 3 outside of the 3rd quarter. That's not what I call improvement. Calgary scored in every quarter and won their game. Both wins were ugly, but only BC's was UGLY!!!!!!!!

They were also playing in that absurd rain.

It's still early in the season. If Calgary really is the hotter team, they'll be in the #2 spot pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Edmonton and Hamilton played in rain just as bad if not worse the week before and put of 50 points between them. That argument just doesn't hold water (pun intended). 8)