Week 3: Playoffs

At 0-2, this is definitely a defining week for the Tiger-Cats and their season. Fall flat like in the previous 2 weeks and this season is toast. At 0-3 there is no coming back. Attempting a rebound in B.C. for week 4 from 0-3 spells a certain 0-4.

On the other side, Montreal presents a palpable chance to win. The Cats must not defeat themselves. Winning pulls the Cats to 1-2, 3rd place and potentially tied with Toronto for 2nd. A win makes this a competitive season and not a long, unbearable pre-season for 2008.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the first playoff game for our young Cats. I'll be there in support. Lets hope for a good crowd and more importantly, an competitive performance from this team.