Week 3 Players of the week predictions

There isn’t much happening on here, so let me hear your picks for players of the week? We’ll see how well we stack up against the “experts” when they are announced tomorrow or Tuesday.

Offensive player of the week

Ricky Ray - 334 yards passing, 2 TDs 0 INTs
Korey Sheets - 178 yards rushing, 23 yards receiving, 2 TDs
Henry Burris - 362 yards passing, 2 TDs, 47 yards rushing
Hon Mentions to Chad Simpson, Taj Smith

My pick: Henry Burris - I didn’t realize his numbers were so good, I thought Sheets was the easy pick this week.

Defensive player of the week


Rey Williams - 8 tackles 2 sacks
Charleston Hughes - 4 tackles 1 sack 1 forced fumble
Alex Hall - 3 tackles 3 sacks
Knowlton - 3 tackles 2 sacks

My pick: Alex Hall

Canadian player of the week


Andre Durie - 100 yards receiving, 1 TD, 22 yards rushing
Cornish - 90 yards rushing, 10 yards receiving
Giguere - 94 yards receiving, 1 TD
Andrew Harris - 70 yards rushing, 30 yards receiving, 1 TD

My pick: Andre Durie

Special teams player of the week


Rene Paradis - 5/5 FGs
Bartel - 8 punts 50.1 yard average

My pick: Rene Paradis. Pretty uninspiring week for special teams. Couple of different guys had nice returns, but nothing special to warrant the award.

It’s one of those weeks that nobody really ran away with any 1 of the awards. I feel that offensive player is down to 2 players (Burris and Sheets). Durie should be the easy pick for Canadian, although we’ve seen them give it out for the feel good story before, so if I was going off the board I’d go Rob Bagg or Sinopoli.

I'd be shocked if Sheets didn't win this week. Burris and Ray played well, I'll give them credit, but I think Sheets has earned this one by a decent margin.

My predictions are:

Kory Sheets-Offensive player
Renaud Williams-Defensive player
Brad Sinopoli-Canadian player
Rene Paredes-Special teams player


I really would be happy with Sheets, Ray, or Burris but deep down inside I would like to see Ray or Burris win, just to hear the crying. :cowboy:

I've gotta agree with your picks Dust, they look solid. You forget to mention that Burris was also 81.3% passing. Sheets had a monster game, but if a quarterback also has one, it tends to go to the QB. I wouldn't be surprised if the DPOW went to Williams, he had a great game in a winning cause; Hall had one more sack, but five fewer tackles, and as good as the Bomber D-line was, Williams was all over. Durie and Paredes will get theirs for sure.

I really wanted to pick Sheets, he had fantastic numbers and really sealed the game late. Initially my thought was he was the pick, but when you factor in Burris’ passing yards and rushing yards, it’s well over 400 yards. Add in the fact that he had a milestone in passing Dunigan and also putting those numbers up without his top receivers, I think he’ll get the nod.

I wouldn't be shocked if Durant made the list either...249 yards, 3 TD, 14/19 and removed early. Don't think he will get the honor, but wouldn't be shocked.

Offensive: Sheets - He was just good.
Defensive: Munoz - With 10 tackles he was all over the field on a miserable Saturday night. You could barely tell that Sherrit was out there.
Canadian: Durie - He made things happen when you touched the ball.
Special Teams: Paredes - 5 for 5 on field goals and no other special teamer did much of anything.

yeah it should be Sheets this week.

My Grandmother could run for 178 yards against Toronto's defense. :cowboy:

too bad The Eskimos won't.

How Lulay managed the game in the 2nd half and carried the Lions to a win deserves some props too.

You won’t be hearing it from me… if Ray or Burris win this week, they are deserving of it… funny though how you show your jealousy of the cflisthebest… no matter who wins someone will always say that this player deserved it more… if Sheets wins POTW, someone will say Burris deserved it more… or Ray should have gotten the nod…

Not quite sure why you think I am jealous but whatever floats your boat. The only jealousy is of the Eskimos superlative history. Oh, I forgot, you live in the past you're a loser, unless your green, I guess.

Isn't green the colour of jealousy? Thought so.

Once again the king of the witty comebacks.

You make it sound like your comebacks are any good. You might want to use something other than "great comeback" in the future, just as a friendly piece of advice. :wink:

Superlative comeback? :cowboy:

Bottom line is, don't cry because your player didn't get the POTW and not expect somebody to rub your face in it. Have some fun, if your looking for a serious discussion, don't expect it from people who wear watermelons on their head. Which is to me guys just having fun.

Just remember that your team's primary colour is green... :roll:

No the actual colour is "Evergreen".