WEEK 3 OVERALL LEAGUE AVERAGE @26675 (26297 in 05)

After week 3, some further interesting numbers.
It was disappointing to see the small crowd in Winnipeg, surely 7,000 people do not have cottages? Fill in the blank for excuses?
I am also comparing averages as we have now had three teams with two home games and how this compares to last year. Calgary has taken the biggest hit with an average loss of in excess of 7,000. That is also of some concern.

game/(year ave.) 05 game/(yr ave)

Calgary 29,396 (27,646) 35,652 (34,877)
BC 30,514 (29,027) 29,217 (28,362)
Winnipeg 23,521 (25,023) 23,236 (22,662)

League Ave.06/ 11 games 26,675 05/ 12 games 26,297

Top 5 Crowds:
Edmonton(Cal) 40,491
BC (Tor) 30,514
Calgary (Ham) 29,396
Hamilton(Mon) 27,911
Toronto(Ham) 27,689

Worst 5 Crowds:
Note, excluding Montreal due to continuous sellout and small stadium.

Sask (Edm) 21,082
Winnipeg(Edm) 23,521
Calgary(Edm) 25,895
Winnipeg(Tor) 26,524
BC (Sask) 27,539

Taylor Field only holds something like 30 when its overflowing and the seating capacity is 28800 so 21 thousand isnt too bad, especially when you consider the fact that most people dont turn their full attention to football until the Labour Day weekend.

no, 21 thou isnt bad for a Sunday night :wink: when some Rider fans travel 3 - 4 hours to watch the game

and u have to take into consider the population of the cities and surrounding areas, bc and toronto should have the highest attendance by far. if regina is getting 21000+ toronto should be getting like 45000 plus to compare

plus people were are camping this weekend and the Winnipeg Goldeyes played yesterday aswell. I expect a way better turn out in 2 weeks.

Still, the only pro team in town, save and except the Northern League baseball and you cannot sellout?

7,289 attendance at the goldeyes game

What's the capacity?

not sure, cant find it anywhere

7,481 is the only number I can find so almost a sell out

If that is the case, then the baseball team was a much better draw. What's up with that?

winnipeg loves the goldeyes

According to this the capacity is 7,481. The game sold out....

Between the 2003 and 2004 seasons, consturction crews worked on the completion of CanWest Global Park. The bigger and even better vesion of the ballpark now features an additional 1,090 seats (346 Prime, 720 On Deck and 24 Wheelchair) down the first base line and six new skysuites with 21 seats each, bringing the ballparkā€™s fixed seating total from 6,266 to 7,481.

yes but I said attendance was 7,289 which does not equal 7,481

Its possible it did seel out and some people didnt shouw up for the game because they went camping for the long weekend or something. That goes for the Bombers game aswell

The problem in Saskatchewan is that we have seen promising teams before, but just like every other year, they disappoint by stinking out the joint in big games during the season. Ive seen happen time after time after time.
The other problem is when games are scheduled. A Saturday at 5pm or Sunday at 5pm is not a good time for game starts. If you push that up to 2 or 3pm , then its not too bad. It gives someone time to drive 3 or 4 hrs to get home.

Have to agree with you there Sambo. For a person like me who lives in Prince Albert - 4 hrs away, it isnt easy to go a late Sunday afternoon game (5pm, that really bites) and then drive home and get up for work the day at 6:00 am. Friday and Saturday night games are the best, cuz then its easier to go to the game, stay overnight (usually at a cousin's place) then head back later the next day.
Sunday primetime games in Saskatchewan are a diffcult sell.

I wouldn't worry about Sask's attendance too much. Calgary's seems to be the bigger problem IMO (8k avg. drop from last year- or something like that)

Agreed. Plus, the team that contributed to the three lowest crowds..........was Edmonton.