Week 3: Montréal Alouettes (1-0) at Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-2)

Will BLM’s injury help or hinder the Tabbies chances of winning at home?

Who’s your pick?

  • Montréal Alouettes
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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CFL.ca Power Rankings

6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-2)

Last week: 5

Last game: 32-14 loss to Toronto
Next game: Vs. Montreal, Fri. June 23

Worth noting: A pair of end zone interceptions were crushing blows to the Ticats’ hopes in Toronto on Sunday. Now, the Ticats’ waiting game takes on new dimensions. They wait to see if Bo Levi Mitchell is healthy enough to play this week in their home opener against the Als. If he is, they wait to see if the offensive chemistry between him and his receivers can grow by leaps and bounds. If Mitchell is unable to play this week, the door opens for Matthew Shiltz, the backup who always seems to end up playing against his old Alouettes club.

7. Montreal Alouettes (1-0)

Last week: 8

Last game: 19-12 win over Ottawa (Week 1)
Next game: At Hamilton, Fri. June 23

Worth noting: Normally, teams don’t move up or down coming out of a bye week, but the Als prove to be the exception to the rule based on their record and the performances of the teams under them. In Week 1, it was Austin Mack that emerged from CFL anonymity to be a game-changing factor for Cody Fajardo. Will it be a new face/pair of hands this week? Or will vets like Hergy Mayala and Kaion Julien-Grant step up? Opportunity abounds in the Als’ banged up receiving corps.

3DN Power Rankings

6) Montreal Alouettes (7)

Our voters are still hesitant to put their full support behind the undefeated Alouettes based on a narrow win over Ottawa in Week 1, but they got a bye-week bump nonetheless. With Ottawa and Hamilton floundering, even Montreal’s inexperienced roster looks good by comparison.

7) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (4)

If Hamilton showed signs of life late in their season-opening loss, they needed the defibrillators applied in Week 2. Bo Levi Mitchell continued to struggle in his new colours, throwing two endzone picks before leaving the game with a lower-body injury. With his status now in doubt for next week, the new-look Ticats could find themselves in a serious early season hole.

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OOOHHH! We gonna win big! :grinning:

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This might hurt your chances of that.

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Davis is a backup O-lineman who didn’t even dress last game. Exumé is being activated as a backup to replace the released Harelimana.

Also, BLM is apparently going to dress but not start.

That caught my eye, too. Perhaps the Cats are being coy about BLM’s abilty to start?

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Even without the home horn honker advantage, I’m still picking the Als.

Bring on BLM! We will still win. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think his injury isn’t as bad as it first appeared and it makes it easy to give Shiltz a shot. As good as he is at QB Bo has more to offer than just that, he can be a mentor.

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I believe BLM will dress because teams have to dress 3 QBs and there is no other option on the team.

Maybe the CFL should allow 2 QBs to dress and if both go down have an emergency QB sitting in the stands come into the game. Like the David Ayres hockey goalie situation. :grinning:


Ti-Cats will come out strong will get an early TD maybe even an early Lead… But the team will fall apart as the game goes on!

27-17 for MTL

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Bo ain’t no threat. Claiming he will not play and then start him will only make the other teams D giggle at the humor

The other part is you have to dress three QB’s, and counting the total number of QB’s in Hamilton, they have 3 QB’s.

But how much he can help Shiltz…is a lot. It’s whats missing in Edmonton, nobody to learn from.


Schiltz may not have been in the league as long as BLM but he’s been in the Ticats offense longer and spent more time working with most of the receivers so I think it’s more a case of BLM seeing how Shiltz handles the offense. I don’t think Schiltz needs mentoring - he’s not a rookie - but QBs often appreciate having another QB’s opinion of what they’re seeing on the field.

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Well, I’ll be there. Gotta admit I had a pretty good arm in 1985. Put me in coach

Keep the conversation civil, folks. Talk about football, not each other.

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Well if you had a pretty good arm in 1985 then I know you certainly aren’t Kenny Hobart then . :grin: