Week 3 - CFL Players of the Week

...actually, he does build those planes...

(psst retrievel, the next line is …‘oh’…)

I think you missed the point here. It's really cool and neat that he builds that plane, but that has what to do with the CFL? For someone with a plane in their sig to be teasing me about having something related to the CFL team I cheer for I find a bit ridiculous. Yes, we all know the plane is something ro is proud of and is his personal accomplishment. I personally feel that a picture of the team you cheer for, or a coach, or your favourite player are more appropriate for the boards than a plane but maybe that's just me.

If you look around, you will see many, many posters on this site with CFL team related things in their sigs and avatars. I actually quite like it.

It doesn't have to be about the CFL. His signature is very representative of him and his career. I admire that far more than a guy having some creepy pic of another guy in his sig...but to be honest, in that pic, Wally could easily look like someone's grandma instead...

I retract my statement. Keep your grandma pic. It's all good.

I write software for a company, which is at least as well known as (I think?) Bombardier you don't see me using our logo, or a screenshot of our UI as my sig.

My job isn't me. CFL forums, team related sig. It's common sense.

Of course it doesn't have to be about the CFL, but most people's pictures are. I admire my own personal life and my career but I find it more appropriate on a CFL forum to have a picture of the team or coach of a team I cheer for then my career.

He is allowed to have the plane, he finds it appropriate. I have my BC Lions logo and my favourite coach in the CFL, Wally Buono. I don't see ro singling out fans of other teams for having pictures in their sigs.

You forgot one big difference...his isn't creepy. Continue...

Retrievel, I'm sure you can hold your own here. I'm off to Vegas for a few days and I'll be back late Friday or Saturday morning. Talk to all of you then.

My job is not me either but what I do with my life is far more me than a sports team, its players or coach.
Wanting the face of another person to be what represents me here....is what I find redicilous.

IMO a team logo is fine, but never would I use someone elses face...If he wants too, thats fine.

...say hi to Barry Manilow for us...

To be honest that isn't the best pic of Wally lol.

I dunno about creepy, but I do see a bit of grandma in there. He's still the best coach in the league, regardless. Hate on him all you want, nobody can match his record.

...'cept Don Matthews....match and then some...

...or Danny Maciocia...no wait, that would be the record in reverse...my bad...

Don was great, won us a Grey Cup, but he is retired, that's why I said 'in the league'.

Wally will probably overtake him before he retires anyway.

...you said 'in the league' and then there was this little thing called a period, which means 'begin new thought'...will Buono surpass Matthews?...maybe, probably...

You love Wally. Admit it.

He wants all of you to come by his house for some home cooked ravioli and gelato for desert.

...lol, not tonight...

No gelato? Wally is sad.


Nice touch.

Wow did his thread get out of hand.