Week 3 - CFL Players of the Week

Toronto, ON - (July 15, 2008) - Jarious Jackson, Javier Glatt, Tristan Jackson and Jesse Lumsden were named the CFL's top players for week #3, the Canadian Football League announced today.

Players of the Week are selected for on-field excellence by members of the Canadian football broadcasters.


QB - Jarious Jackson - B.C. Lions[/b]

B.C. Lions 42 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24

Highlights / Key Stats:

QB Jarious Jackson had his best day in the CFL as he led the B.C. Lions to a big victory on the road in Winnipeg . Jackson was 19 for 24 (79.2%) for 340 yards and a league-high five touchdown passes with only one interception and a purrfect passer rating of 158.3. Jackson spread the ball around by completing passes to seven different receivers, with his primary target being Geroy Simon who had seven receptions. Jackson also ran twice for 18 yards.

On the season, Jackson is 43 of 72 (59.7%) for 599 yards, throwing six touchdowns and three interceptions for a 96.9 passer efficiency rating. He has rushed 12 times for 58 yards.

Unanimous selection.


LB - Javier Glatt - B.C. Lions[/b]

B.C. Lions 42 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24

Highlights / Key Stats:

Javier Glatt recorded six tackles and two interceptions in the Lions victory. Both of Glatt's interceptions came in the first half. His six tackles included three on CFL All-Star running back Charles Roberts.

Glatt has 20 tackles on the season and one special teams' tackle. He also has two interceptions.

Unanimous selection.


KR/PR - Tristan Jackson - Edmonton Eskimos[/b]

Toronto Argonauts 28 @ Edmonton Eskimos 47

Highlights / Key Stats:

In addition to his 89-yard interception return touchdown, first year player Tristan Jackson had four punt returns for 120 yards including a 61-yard touchdown. He also had three kick returns for 74 yards. His 194 special team yards led the CFL in week three.

Tristan Jackson has returned 12 punts for a league-high 228 yards and one touchdown this season. He has also returned seven kickoffs for 160 yards.

Unanimous selection.


RB - Jesse Lumsden - Hamilton Tiger-Cats[/b]

Saskatchewan Roughriders 33 @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 28

Highlights / Key Stats:

Jesse Lumsden is named the top Canadian player for the second straight week. In a hard fought loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Lumsden carried the ball 19 times for 136 yards and two touchdowns. He also had one reception for 15 yards.

Lumsden has a league leading 362 rushing yards on 48 carries this season and four touchdowns and is third in the league with 382 yards from scrimmage.

Runners Up

WR - Chris Bauman - Hamilton Tiger-Cats

LB - Javier Glatt - B.C. Lions

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So you designed and built that plane in your sig?

I'll give you benefit of the doubt and assume you fly one. It's a product you use, The Lions (which Wally is a part of) are a product we use. What's the difference? At least one of the two is related to this forum.

So you designed and built that plane in your sig?

I'll give you benefit of the doubt and assume you fly one. It's a product you use, The Lions (which Wally is a part of) are a product we use. What's the difference? At least one of the two is related to this forum ....