Both teams are coming off self inflicting losses. This is going to be a big test for the Argos as I think the Stamps are a lot better than that 0-2 start. Turnovers are KEY to a victory here. What I would like to see is Flemons and Harriot getting after Burris and forcing him the throw the ball earlier. I also want to see some self control, no more stupid penalties. This is a winnable game. But I am worried if Burris has the time his wideouts Copeland, Rambo, and Thelwell are going to kill the Argo secondary.

Prediction well I'm taking the Argos with the points. (+7)

I'm looking forward to the game but not gonna hold my breath after what I witnessed on Saturday.

The just can't give up that may penalties. If you took out the 2nd quarter the ARGOs played well. Problem is you can't take out that second quarter. I don't have a good feeling either. Cause I feel Calgary will wake up this week.

Calgary could wake up, Or Calgary could start to fall to the bottom. We beat them here and we put them in a hole, I'm hoping Edmonton beats B.C. as well.

The east is 4-2 against the west this year so far as well, better take a screen shot of that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this will be the turning point for the Stamps, sorry Argo Fans, but I bet the offense will kick in and score some good points and put up alot of yardage. my picks record is not that great. 2-6


Where to begin, horrible game.
The much advertised O line was horrible again, Picard, Murphy and Woodward are pylons. Joseph was sacked I think at least five times, with many rushes and near misses.
The team went away early and gave up on the rushing game. Joseph was brutal, every time he tries to be a drop back passer it's a disaster with many picks.
So much for a new team and outlook this year.

I think it's too soon to give up on the Argos yet. I like the way Andrus handled the stupid penalty problem from last week & I think they showed some signs of life last night... & they took less penalties too. The big O line is still too soft & let Joseph get pounded way too many times. Also, as said by the last poster, they went away from the run much too early. I love the wide open passing of the CFL, but there is a time & place for the run & that time & place got forgotten about last night. We also have to remember that 2/3rds of their receivers are sidelined right now... & that means that the run would have been more important than ever.

On a side note: I wonder if there's a chance they could re-hire Rich Stubler to run the D for them again? Man, those were good times!

:twisted: SatanTroll

Well to me the key factors in that result are, in no particular order:

  1. Calgary flat out is the better team..............and the better team won. As opposed to ranting about what the Argos did wrong (and they certainly did some things wrong, see #2 and #3 following), credit must be given to the Stamps for stepping up and showing that their 0-2 start is not really indicative of the talent on that team.

  2. As noted in this thread, Play calling.............they didn't so much go away from the running game, as they never even started to mount a running game...looks like it just wasn't in the playbook from the get-go. And that is a questionable playcalling decision......Robertson came into the game as the league leading rusher, and Calgary came into the game with the CFL's weakest run defence (hardly surprising, what with a raw rookie at MLB and an almost totally new D line but for Labinjo, and even he was playing out of position at DT).

  3. As noted in this thread, the O-line was dreadful. It was particularly blatant how that new DE for the Stamps, Odell Willis #93 owned Rob Murphy all night long..............just as Stevie Baggs did the week before. Murphy had best starting earing his f/a salary, otherwise this will look like one bad signing as opposed to the great signing which the Argo brass touted it to be in the offseason.

MJ, Calgary is the better team, but are they 44-9 better? I don’t know have the answer, but one thing I do know: Bart Andrus has a lot to learn about the Canadian football game, and about playcalling in general. Toronto’s D actually kept the Argos in the game until relatively late, when the offense decided to gift-wrap balls to the Stamps’ D.

Poor offensive playcalling, horrible execution, no commitment to the run against the league’s weakest run-stopping team, and no attempt to get Joseph out of the pocket and throwing on the run, where he’s vastly more effective as a QB. We saw what happened last year when Burrato tried to make Joseph a pocket-passer. Last night looked very similar.

The lack of quality receiver talent is also becoming very apparent, as is the O-line.

Argos were in the fight till the Faked/fuked snap. That seem to break their back. I didn't think the Stamps did anything special. Argos went for brokes and they got burned, handing the game to Calgary.

Calgary's offense still has issues with timing and protection. Nick is also having a real hard time creating seperation for himself, he looks really slow out there. Coppeland is looking old. This ain't a GC contender right now.

I tend to agree. That wildcat attempt was the back-breaker. To me, it showed a lack in Andrus as an O.C. When your team is struggling on offense and you need points, you don't call for a complicated gadget play, especially when the other team has been sniffing out and stopping your misdirection plays all night long. Instead of gadgeting yourself to death, how about using the league's leading rusher against the league's worst run defense? :oops:

...Got to agree with a poster who has noticed that Murphy may not be quite the signing they had hoped for... and Picard doesn't look like any bargain either....HOWEVER....what's with leaving Joseph in, with the game out of reach....Do the Argos like to watch the opposition make mince-meat out of their starter...The stamps defence really stepped-up and made the difference...IF Burris and the offence don't pick-up their game....the huffer might have to start making changes...They're certainly beginning to look more like Grey Cup Chumps... :roll:

Calgary defense definitely stepped up. Now I only watch the first three quarters, but felt the run should not have been abandon so early on. I love passing as well, but give Robertson the rock. With that big line they need to pound the ball more early on and wear out the D-line. Poor play calling on Andrus. I would definitely like to see an improvement. Calgary is the better team, but not 44-9 better. Lucky the Argos have two against the Bombers, which they can not take lightly, but both games are winnable.

The bombers IMO have the worst run defense in the league. Calgary ran over 100 yards and two scores on them and they were behind for the whole game. I expected a big game out of Robertson and Payton next week.

3-2 to start the season is what I expected in the first five games.


Give Robertson the freakin ball!!!!!!! If they happen to shut down the run then switch things up. Don't negate the strongest part of your game when you haven't found it to be failing you. Poor play calling for sure!!!

I"m not so sure Winnipeg is easy to run against.......................Doug Brown's back, and their LB corps is superb................yes I'd run the ball, but I'm not expecting it to be easy.

We have to stay with the running game, give Robertson a minimum of 15 touches.
And equally important, Joseph MUST NOT drop back in the pocket to pass the ball. He is horrible when doing this and leads to bad throws and pics. He is the most effective when rolling out and with the threat of a run, can pass the ball down field.

What I've noticed with Joseph in the pocket is that he gets rattled the longer he goes without finding an open receiver. That's when he starts forcing the ball into traffic, attempting low-percentage passes that are either incomplete or go for picks. Andrus has got to get him to retain more composure when making his checkdowns. I know he isn't a pocket passer, but this is pro football and you simply can't be chucking the ball up there just because your primary receiver isn't open.

He does not have the arm to be a pure pocket passer and that is really not the CFL game, especially the multi step drop back into the pocket.
By comparison, AC of the Als has been on fire the last couple of years since Coach Trestmas implemented the two step quick release concept.

It's not just a question of implementing a two-step drop and a quick release. The whole offense has to be geared towards playing that possession type West Coast game. Joseph can't be dropping back two steps and firing if the receivers are running patterns that take longer to develop. In any case, I wasn't arguing that Joseph should become a pocket passer. What I was simply noting is that when your primary receiver isn't there, you have to check down to the next receiver and make a high-percentage play instead of forcing the ball into traffic. Either that or roll outside the pocket and throw on the run. But for heaven's sake, don't sit there in the pocket like a deer in the headlights staring down your primary receiver and giving the enemy safety a gift-wrapped opportunity for a pick.

I think time is/should be quickly runing out on this 36 year old who has not done anything since the team signed him to the lucrative contract.