Week 20 - Who's coming East?

The upcoming final week of the 2017 season, the way I see it, could see WPG, EDM and SSK all finish, tied for 2nd, with 22 pts. If that happened, WPG, who can't finish lower than 3rd, would host SSK in the Western Semi-Final and EDM would cross over to East Semi in OTT or TOR.


If WPG beats CAL, WPG gets 2nd place
If EDM wins and WPG loses, EDM gets 2nd place
If SSK beats EDM, SSK gets 3rd place. If SSK loses, they finish 4th and cross over.
If TOR wins, or ties, @ BC, TOR finishes 1st in the East. If TOR loses, OTT finishes 1st.

MTL's loss @ SSK in Week 19, guaranteed HAM a 3rd place finish and also the 2nd overall pick in the '18 Draft.

I Think my head is going to explode! :o

Kramer's pick would certainly bolster ticket sales @ BMO or TD Place.

If SSK win I wear my Ticat jersey to BMO and cheer them on

IMHO, WPG will not beat @ CGY

Harris got destroyed on this high helmet to helmet hit last night
They had to carry him off the field, he was out cold! :frowning:
No penalty called. :o
I don't think he will play


You sure are right...I watched it a few times on super slow mo & it looked like if Harris would have been all the way upright he would have been hit in the chest..I believe the tackler was committed to the hit & couldn't adjust ...no matter it was still a shot to the head.

Improper tackling technique the head is used as a weapon. The tackler needs to sink his hips rip up with both arms. The head should be placed into the chest and the most important part, look up in to the sky.

If that had been a Cat tackler they would still be marching off the penalty

It’s good to see that most of the games in the final week are still meaningful.

Suddenly the idea that the cross-over is the best route to the Grey Cup for a western team is questionable, with WPG and CAL looking quite ordinary in recent weeks.

To be applied on the kickoff, because the tackle wasn't completed and the ball carrier kept his balance and went the distance. (Couldn't resist writing this:o) The Cats tackling had been much improved in recent weeks, IMO, but fell off somewhat, again IMO, in Ottawa.