Week 20 in the CFL

Last week of the regular season

CGY will rest its most important players to avoid injury as they have 1st place wrapped up
BC will try to lose to get crossover and avoid EDM in WDSF

could be ugly

EDM will rest its most important players to avoid injury as they have 2nd place wrapped up
SSK will try to lose to get crossover and avoid EDM in WDSF

could be ugly

Big game for both teams, although much bigger for TOR

Nuff said!

I don't know if this has ever happened before, where a win could give the Ticats first place and with a loss they could be eliminated from the playoffs.

Schulz at TSN is picking TOR and MTL for week 20. Hope he's wrong.

He`s wrong!!!!!

Don't forget that they could conceivably clinch even with a loss,pending on the outcome of the game Friday night.
Suddenly the REDBLACKS are my 2nd favourite team. I'm hoping and praying that Little Ricky is a no go and that a rare sighting of..........wait for it..............wait for it.....................wait for it..........................
"Good Hank" makes an appearance in Toronto on the eve of our game. I mean wouldn't it TERRIBLE if the REDBLACKS did the unthinkable and sent the Blue team packing for the season. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: GO CATS GO !!!!! GO TWOCOLOURS GO !!!! :rockin: :cowboy:

If it is true that SASK and BC are "trying to lose", they will be sorry when they get what they hope for. Every team in the east has playing extremely well since the middle of the season, and having to play (potentially) back-to-back games half-way across the country, makes a western sweep of the EDDSF and EDF challenging to say the least.

This is the time of year where you have to look forward to playing against, and beating, the best - I can't see either of those two coaching staffs running scared from Edmonton and mapping a route through Ontario/Quebec instead. If you are terrified to face the Eskies, you might as well pack up now and call it a season.

Any team "trying to lose" also risks incurring some serious sanctions. Frankly, I don't see it happening. Players have pride; they're competitive, and they want the habit of winning. I think they'd be appalled by the notion of deliberately performing at something less than their full potential.

Do I get bonus points for using a semi-colon in a post?

Ottawa beats Toronto on Friday night and sends the 2che home in shame. We secure second place in the ED.
Somehow it all comes together and we win BIG over Montreal on Saturday and win the ED and get the bye.
A demoralised Montreal hosts a poor Sasketchewan club in an ugly EDSF and lose on a game-winning final drive.
A battered Sask then has to play a rested and healed Tiger-Cats team in the EDF at the home team's stadium where they are UNDEFEATED.
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats return to compete for Earl Grey's Cup.

Its nice to dream....and while i d like to share your optimism... i cant see it happening...without a running game NO CFL team can prosper this far down the road...and I dont see a legit running threat out of the Hamilton backfield unless theres a miracle... back to the dream...

I've gotta admit, I thought it was a brilliant idea for Ottawa to give their rookie QB some meaningful playing time in the last game. But more recently, I'm thinking they should end the seaon by giving it their best shot.

They will be playing not only for pride but for their contracts next yeat as well. The fans up here un Ottawa have been amazing, selling out all games at TD Place Stadium, and the players truly believe that the fans deserve something better than ending up 2-16...

My brain says Schultz is correct, and I hope that he and my brain are both wrong, given that poor and lucky performance against Ottawa (Burris lost that game, more than Hamilton won it, IMO)

But, the magic of being undefeated at the [i]coffee grounds [/i] keeps hope alive.

As much as I’ve been disappointed with both the CFL and Tiger-Cat products this season, I gotta say that the scenarios going into the final week are very enticing.

Win or lose, I hope we have some fantastic football games this weekend.

Need Ottawa to do what we weren't able to do in the last month- beat the Argos! We gotta beat the beasts in the East (8-1 in the last 9 games). We haven't made it easy have we! :smiley: :thup: