Week 2 vs. BC

Well I for one will be at Empire to witness this game ( as i currently reside in Vancouver ); Bought my Cowbell this past weekend and of course i know that "Green is the colour" But let me ask you guys.. How do you think we fair? Stengths, Weeknesses? I'll post my view on this game after a post or two, as to not influence anyone.

Rider Pride - Nation wide !

From what I"ve seen so far you stack up pretty well against them; you were very impressive in beating Montreal. . . they were less than stellar against opposition that was not as tough.

But your run defence will be tested, which it wasn’t by the Alouettes.

I think our defense will be tested all around. The jury is still out on our secondary and we will see how our D-line deals with trying to keep Printers under wraps. Hopefully Sakoda improves his punting - that loss of field position because of those shanked punts could be a game breaker. I think it will be another close contest - but I believe we will come out on top - mainly because of the explosiveness of our offence.

I think that Edmonton was able to highlight a few weaknesses in the BC defense that we will be looking to exploit. Once the Rider offense gets into rythm, I don't see them slowing down. If they can run over Montreal -- they can run over anybody.

BC was having problems in the red zone -- resulting in 6 field goals. If they continue along that path, then it could turn into a blowout. But they certainly have the weapons to turn it into a shootout. With Geroy, Paris, Armstrong and Robertson, our defense will have their hands full.

I think Barrin Simpson will put on a show and be able to keep Printers and Robertson from getting going.

Riders by 12.

I predicting a bit of a blow out for the Riders this game. The only real x-factor for me is if BC is going to try to exploit Alexander with Simon. As far as BC's run game goes, I don't think many teams will have much success against the Riders. I also think we are going to see more from Clermont in that game.

I for one am a little worried about Robertson.

I think our offense can handle them but I wonder how well we will do against their running game.

Still think we can win the game though! :smiley:

As long as Wallyl stays with Printers we will win. Printers is not the qb for B.C. Travis Lulay is and here is hoping Wally stays stubborn and sticks with Casey at the bat. B.C. has a much better defence than Montreal so do not expect 54 points. :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Rider Pride Nation Wide

We will win.

Not-so-vague cartoon reference approval!

I can see B.C. winning this if we get sloppy, given homefield advantage an' all, but I'm pretty sure we will be the victors here. The Riders still have a lot of areas to improve upon but they demonstrated last game just how well they can play and I can only see our D getting better as the year continues.

Do you really think there is a "homefield" advantage after BC being used to playing 1/2 their games for so many years indoors? If anything I would say the advantage would go to Sask in Empire stadium.

There's still homefield advantage, they will still have a loud crowd on their side cheering them on. Maybe if there's a crazy swirling wind than the Riders have a slight advantage, but I think people are playing up the whole dome thing too much. Empire stadium has metal bleachers which can get very loud.

Great responses guys =) like the viewpoints thus far..

I Think that it'll be a game of time possession vs. explosive offence and which could prevail.
BC looks like they have a pretty solid ground game, which scares me due to the D-Line this year, vs. last year. However, Casey and the Lion receivers didn't really impress this past weekend.. I look for Arcenaux and Simon to have better days at home than they did on the road in Edmonton.. Robertson gets 112 yards...

Riders win! 35 -28 - Explosiveness beets clock control.
Paul breaks Ridgeways' record for consecutive field goals, then misses his next 2! - Wally considers Shaun Whyte.

And the forecast is: ITS FINALLY SUMMER!! 5km wind... Negligible!

lol, last few Rider games at the dome the Sask fans in BC were just as loud.

There's limited ticket availability at Empire though, where at BC place there was plenty to go around. There will still be green representing the Riders, it just won't be as much as normal.

So i'll have to be twice as loud! -- I think my cowbell will cover that.

Never really bought the play indoor disadvantage.

Talking to people that went to the preseason, the noise from bashing the metal walkways is very loud. The trick for us Rider fans that will be at the game it to convince the Lion fans to make noise when their team is on O.

Devious and will do =) Roar for the lions Offence! - hahahahaha (Pre snap, until snap)

Generally the Lions fans are Sheep and will do whatever their stupid announcer tells them to do. So I definitely think you can sway them to start cheering for their team while they are on offence.

And to any BC fans that read this, I am probably not talking about you, I am talking about the other 30,000 sheep. :wink:

Start a "Let's go Lions" chant when they are on offense. It probably works better if you're not decked out in green :wink:

Weather report for B.C. is hot and sunny. should favour the Riders!!
Probably be more rider fans there than BC fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
-Rider Pride Nation Wide!!