Week 2 (Unofficial) Power Rankings

Figured I'd continue this.

Criteria: if the two teams played on a neutral site, today. Who's favoured? Who's better?


Hard to find many holes in what they're doing. Both of their lines are dominant. Zach Collaros still doesn't have a 300 yard game as a Bomber and it doesn't matter.


After a slow second half against BC Sask took care of Hamilton pretty handily. Cody Fajardos ability to run makes up for any shortcomings as a passer.


Looked great against Edmonton. Could be the sleeper in the East.


Still no idea what's going on at QB, but Michael Reilly looked good and should continue to improve. With their weapons they could easily be in the mix in a competitive West.


As expected they couldn't do much against Winnipeg's D. Arbuckle replaced Macbeth and showed promise for one drive, then much of the same.


Is this the year Calgary finally regresses to a nothing more than an ordinary team? Bo doesn't look right and it could be officially classified as a rebuild.


Nothing that hasn't been said it the other threads. Tough schedule aside this team doesn't look right top to bottom. Injuries considered they're not even competitive


Trevor Harris is having a tough time moving the ball at all. Edmonton still finding themselves but could run out of time in the West. They were a couple of stupid Montreal penalties away from having 50 hung on them.


Can't imagine they figured out how to pass during the bye week? Still last due to said bye, but with Sask up next we'll get a better sense for how bad they are.


Decent list.

Although I would slide Ottawa above Edmonton. Afterall Ottawa beat them and Edmonton looked brutal against Montreal.

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Not sure if you actually watched that game (not being a jerk, dead serious) but it was literally a yard either way on the final play.
Ottawa looked historically bad imo.

I saw the whole game. It might have been only a yard but the Ottawa defence came up with the big play when they had to. That not only got them 2 points in the standings but also should have lifted them 1 spot out of the Power Rankings basement. It is a fairly fresh team in Ottawa. We’ve only seen one game at this point and I would expect them to sort out some of their early issues in this bye-week.

Edmonton on the other hand at this point after two games looks horrendous.

Fair comments but personally if I want to look at who is doing better in the standings I’ll just look at those.
I can’t imagine if they played Edmonton tomorrow they’d be favoured, and I also can’t imagine they’d win (again).
But I guess that’s what makes these fun. They’re entirely subjective.

I went to the game. Ottawa was horrendous for the whole game. They stole that win, unless they make some huge improvements in the off week they belong at the bottom.

We're debating who should be 8th and 9th in CFL Power Rankings. :rofl:

The only thing that really matters is that it's not the Cats in in one of those 2 spots. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was hoping you would have started this thread in the general CFL forum instead of a particular team’s forum.

I went ahead and created the same thread in the general area.

I guess it’s ok. You think you can remember to do it in week 3? Just a suggestion. Don’t mean to rock the boat here.

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