Week 2 TV numbers

2022 Week 2 TV ratings:

Montreal at Toronto — 349,100

Winnipeg at Ottawa — 517,000

Calgary at Hamilton — 379,000

Saskatchewan at Edmonton — 679,000

Total Week 2 average: 481,025

(These numbers do not include viewership from RDS, TSN’s French-language affiliate.)


I wonder why so many more people tuned in to watch Ottawa-Winnipeg in week 2 compared to the same matchup in week 1.


Well the ratings were over 800k in 2011.. I doubt 300k+ have cut tbe cord.
TSN only playing the games on 2 of their channels, while showing Bowling or whatever in Eastern Canada and or Ontario has a devastating effect on interest and ratings as well.
The CFL really made a huuuuge mistake going with only TSN. Rogers ignores them completely, and because they have most of the hockey rights, and exclusive rights to the Blow Jays, 60-70 percent of Canadians dont rven have access, or care to ever watch TSN.
Even tbe CBC, gives the product a cold shoulder, and suprisingly, so does CTV.
I wonder what would happen in Germany, or Italy, if you could only get Barclay's EPL for free, but had to pay to see Bundesliga, or Series A?
They most likely burn the TV networks to the ground. Canada is one messed up country.
When this league fails in about 10 years. The decision to go with TSN only, and abandoning free TV will be seen aa the primary reason why.

Schadenfreude maybe? Most of the 'experts' were picking Ottawa to clobber the defending Grey Cup Champs.

People love to see the mighty fall.

Let me guess, let me guess.........

Could it be everyone, EVERYONE in the Ottawa area wanted to see a back to back Grey Cup Champion from the West loose to a previously bottom team from the East.....In a small way to bad it didn't happen. Ottawa's viewership would have increased large. Still with both games being winnable, I hope they have greater numbers of both in person as well TV viewers moving forward.

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Might have been the weather Ottawa and area was storm weather so more butts in seats to watch the game? Also Manitoba is essentially one giant flood zone currently so a lot were home to watch the game?


If so.....why did they not watch Calgary vs Hamilton to the same value?

I'm still going with my thoughts, echoed by M ( triple a ) x. It's clobbering time!


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I know TSN is signed on to lots of other sports. But if the CFL is going with 1 national provider, should they not go with one that makes an effort to actually telecast to the whole country? Quite often the Regional channels they have don't even match up to the regions where the teams that are playing are from.

TSN 3 is the MB/SK channel. Although it said CFL Riders/Elks, on Shaw , there was harness racing?

Any future deal with TSN/Bell should include CTV to some extent.

Everyone's always wishing us the best of luck so NAW... that couldn't be it.

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According to Alouettes president Mario Cecchini something like 240 000 watched the thursday night on RDS, which was the best audiance since Manziel's debut in 2018.