Week 2 TV; League Average at 594K Plus RDS

The TV numbers are in and overall we went down on average 101K per game from last week.

Winnipeg - Montreal 591,000 Plus RDS not stated but estimate at 250,000
Hamilton - BC 727,000 Very good number for a late west coast time
Calgary - Toronto 434,000 Low numbers, missed the best game of the week
Edmonton - Sask 624,000 Good Sunday night, bodes well for future prime time games

Average - 594,000

Yup, that Argo - Stamps game was a heck of a game, I PVR'ed it and watched the whole thing later.

Hamilton had their hope opener against Cowtown a couple years ago and was a similarly weak draw. Is it the Stampede, perhaps?

While we are talking numbers, here is an interesting article just out about the early attendance count which is down from last year.
Is there a connection between viewership and bums in the stands?
Not exactly alarm bells variety, but something to watch closely.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/2012/07/10/19972046.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 72046.html[/url]

2nd straight week the later BC game has the highest ratings. Goes to show that the fans back east are dedicated enough to stay up later to watch their team and that the BC fans that don’t want to put out the money to go to the stadium are staying home to watch.

Or is it that more fans have time available at 10:30pm on a Friday night than they do at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon? Let's see what happens this week - - two worst teams in the league (Winnipeg & Edmonton) get 9pm Friday while the two best teams (BC & Sask) get stuck with 3pm Saturday.

I don't know why the CFL doesn't set a consistent day & time for their games. The NFL was always Sunday afternoon, either 1pm or 4pm. Hockey Night In Canada was always 8pm on Saturday. Make every Friday night a CFL double header...one game at 7pm one game at 10pm. The Argos can still have their insane Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon games, because the other teams have the scheduling ability to get Friday Night Football consistent with two games every week of the season.

You bring up a good point. But, for fans on the west coast 10:30pm et is 7:30 pt. To be honest if not for my season tickets with my work allowing me to have a modified schedule on game days I'd have had to watch all games so far on my pvr. I expect the ratings of the BC @ Riders game will suffer a little due to its start time. I'm going to have to watch the recording of the game when I get home after 9pm pt.

I agree with what you said in your second paragraph.

Holy crap , I agree with you. :thup:

However , the Argos 0 choice in what times and days their games are because of Rogers and the JAYS.

Again , Canada's short summer has always been a harder sell for the CFL as I have been trying to say and it is early still.

The CFL's attendance and T.V. ratings ALWAYS goes way up during and after LABOUR DAY.

It has been that way for many years.

It is also the 100th Ann. of the Stampede which is huge all over Alberta and the rest of Canada..

That is very true. I watched the game with my wife in , T.O. Well done B.C. fans [partly]
In summer some people just can't get to the game or like in Toronto they like their games for free.

See there are some CFL fans in Southern Ontario. :smiley:

Didn't some one post here that attendance was slightly up. I have a hard time believing anything that Slam Sports says about the CFL. :?