Week 2 TV Averages 775,750 Per Game

Week two numbers are in and the game remains strong on TV, down slightly from last weeks average of 880,000.
However when combined with the first week, the running overall average is 827,875.
Of note, the Sask-Lions game drew a whopping nearly 1.2M and that's with a 10 pm eastern start.
On the opposite end, the Saturday afternoon game of Calgary at Hamilton brought the average down but still a great 454,000.
What we don't know is the RDS numbers for the Als, which last year average was around 300,000 per game.


Thanks for taking the time to post this.

Have you compared with last years overall average after 2 weeks? Would be great to see the comparison if so.

Great news.

Wondered why they started that Hamilton-Calgary game so early?

In my opinion these ratings are more impressive than last week.
It's nice to see the ratings remain very strong.
Surely they'll continue throughout the season.

it will be interesting to see what the ratings are for this week as the argos/stamps play tomorrow on a non holiday.

it will also be interesting to see how many ppl show up.

I would bet it is TSN dictating.