Week 2 Turkeybend Rankings

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Still Grey Cup Champions, still undefeated. However, my instincts tell me this might be our last week on top with Marcus out and facing a tough Ti-cat squad on the road.

  2. Montreal Alouettes- Wow- what a start. Cavillho has been firing rockets and the Als defence is getting it done.

  3. Calgary Stampeders- Last minute loss to Edmonton was a wake up call that each week is a new challenge.Still, on paper the Stamps look very formidable especially on offence.

  4. Hamilton Ti-Cats- Wow- a shocker over the Argos defeating them handily on the road. Which ti-cat team will show up this week against the Riders??

  5. Toronto Argos- A big week for the Argos. Another loss and the two qb system could split the team.
    Argos defence looked human and vulnerable last week. Without them being strong the cellar in the east looms.

  6. Edmonton Esks- great comeback win but hardly looking solid in all fronts. D is still suspect and still no solid running game on Offence. Will Ricky Ray last the season having to do it all under blitz.

  7. B.C. Lions- The heart and soul has been taken from the Leos with the passing of Bobby Ackles. How will they respond? I am guessing the wagons will cirlce and a total team effort will emerge against the unfortunate Bombers. Wally must be emotionally spent. Let's hope so for the Lions faithful.

  8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- An unexpected disastrous start. Another loss at home will turn the faithful
    into a lynch mob. Whose head will be the first to fall is the big question mark?? Is the coach wearing thin on these guys??

That's All Folks :cowboy:

Riders #1.....lol.

gee heres a big suprise! Turkey with Sask on top! kewl could set my watch to that one!lol at least he's humble enough to admit the last week on top! your funny turkey! I may get to like you!I think montreal is premature I've seen Cal start out strong then go totally opposite and fall apart! no money bet on this one! Stamps still look good yup!Hamilton is on the fence of becoming awsume if they play like jessie I see them #1 in the East!Toronto is 50/50 till the dominantQB makes his stance Edmonton looks good but will it last? that win as good as it looked could have been a fluke??? I know the Lions will do a 180 just don't know if it's this week ! hope so! The blue bombers almost have as bad luck as B.C. hope they play better! oh thanks Turkey for not stickin my Lions in the basement!LOL luv ya man! And DJ088 Riders #1.....lol. ya I agree lololololololololololololololololololololololololol

I swear we don't feed crack to our children in BC. Please don't hate us anymore than you already do.

Post of the week

Think they put some crack in the Turkey Soup!

Lions will turn it around this week I hope

ya me too would be nice to dedicate a win to Bob Ackles: 1938-2008 a guy that started as a waterboy and became a successful man! It just doesn't happen everyday! fine example of a man!

wow we win the grey cup and start the season undefeated and still people bitch that we're at the top.....

what do we have to do to garner respect in the league....i swear we could go 20-0 and win another grey cup and the lions and argos fans would still bitch that we'd be in top spot....

Have to agree with you this week Turkey...this week.
Lots of things to prove for all teams.
Going 2 and 0 is a great start but consistency is the key to a great season.
I for one will not be pushing panic buttons til week 4. Might have to get it ready though!:oops:

Anyway, another exciting weekend of football! I am pumped!

Go Bombers!!! :rockin:

nope just beat a team that isn't 4th rate with a rookie QB playing his first game then I might tip my hat! 2-0 at the start of the season is about as solid as a soft ice cream cone from dairy queen! make it to the Western final then we'll talk! GO BOMBERS DUDE! & GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Hotlion77 i'll admit with Glenn in we probably lose that game....but we had to beat two very good teams to get there....and we just beat you guys (who have the exact same team as you did last year when u were 14-4 or whatever) with our 3rd string QB.

We deserve top spot until someone beats us...thats the privelage (sorry for the spelling) of winning the grey cup

yup ya slipped by if you win this year and get the cup ! I'll shut my face give you the respect as the best team and admit your the best team in the CFL until then I'm still pissed off! yup a dumb Lions fan with a chip on his shoulder!prove me wrong and you get my respect! till then well begginers luck! taking credit for the best Team! you win this year I'll bow down to the green and white and sell you like the new hybrid! I'll even take off the black and orange and wear green and white 4 a week and cellabrate your team 4 a week! till then buisness as ussual LIONS RULE!

Hey we've won it three times since the beggining of man kind...i gotta enjoy it while i can. Don't have a chip on your shoulder against us....have it against your team. You have the talent and personel to walk over anyone in this league without breaking a sweet yet you can't beat us...i dont get it (not trying to be sarcastic or funny...just wondering)....

The question i have for you is say the lions go 9 and 9 and cross over and win the grey cup (barely winning games...but still winning) then they start out 2009 2-0.....and all the posters that support the other teams wine that the lions are top spot....what do you say to them?

Explain this to me…
The riders have to win it(the cup) twice in a row for you to acknowledge then yet the Lions who lost last year and are winless this year “RULE”?
Well they do RULE the basement I guess

Wow Turkey I do not know about you but you put Hanks team to high there. :lol:

the Lions won the cup and won 14 games and stopped dead in there tracks at the western final! the riders won the cup and have won 2 games that leaves 12 games to win to = what the Lions did! The lions should have won the Final but I believe they did not expect to lose but did. If they would have won they no would have had the cup again! Like I said match the 14 games and beat a healthy credible team for the cup! then you'll surpass what the Lions did!...............

Inncluding all of the games (playoffs and regular season) of this year and last, The Riders are 17-6, Lions 14-6. If you exclude the playoffs, then we are even, 14-6.

I keep telling you, What have you done to us Lately?

disclaimer: I do not Think the Riders are the football Gods, I just don't think this guy is giving them any of there much deserved credit.

We won the Grey Cup last year. That surpasses the Lions already.

Like RandW, you need to put a little more blind faith into your team, then things will work out just fine for the Stamps.