Week 2 thoughts

Winnipeg vs Montreal - Who gets to whose QB first? Both teams need to do a better job on the O-Line. Game should be closer that many think. - Montreal by a fieldgoal.

Toronto vs B.C. - Was Calgary better than everyone though or was B.C. worse? I think it is the latter. - Toronto by a touchdown.

Calgary vs Saskatchewan - Were the Riders that good or were the Eskimos that bad? I the it was the latter, don't expect the Stamps to not be prepared. - Calgary by 10

Edmonton vs Hamilton - Take the away team by a fieldgoal. You get to decide which team is the visitor. Expect changes if Eskimos stink out Guelph. Edmonton O-line playing for their football lives. Edmonton by 3

I think all home teams win.

I think your a little bias on the last game :wink:

Absolutely! That's cause I am a fan.

LOL, We will see Sunday !

LOL, We will see Sunday !
We will but I still think that if the Edmonton O-line is as bad as it was last week, the axe will be falling.

maybe this week they will let reilly play his own game instead of trying to make him play different. :roll:

maybe we will see Kerri Joseph :wink:

the only game I am unsure about, in regards to picking the winner is the Calgary/Saskatchewan game.

you just don't know!!

That is a very tough pick. Calgary is the stronger team and yes they beat a better opponent last week, but the Riders do look pretty good and it's the home opener at TF. Home opener at TF, tough to pick against. Very tough pick.