Week 2: Should Ac be offensive player of the week?

IMO if he would of gotten that 29 yard rushing TD I personally think he would of got it. Now with Lumsden’s performance yesterday and the fact that Calvillo got it last week I think Lumsden wins it out of pitty! Almost throws for 400 yards and throws 4 td’s what else can we ask for, and can I add 59 rushing yards! Old man still got and it feels great, people that were putting us down in the beginning of the season. For now bite your tongue!

For the CFL, so far, I think Jesse Lumsden will get it. For the team, I think it comes down to Avon Cobourne and Anthony Calvillo...again. Anthony get's my vote, but I'd understand why others would vote for Ave.

I am so happy for A.C. At the beginning of the season, he got no love. It almost felt like I was the only believer (I know I wasn't). All I heard was "Calvillo is done" or "Time for A.C to call it quits". There's no secret that Herb is a tool, he must be thinking of things to cover up his predictions. His pre-season prediction was the Als finish with 6 wins, so far the team is 2-0. He said the Als weakness was Anthony Calvillo, so far, he's been the best player.

Awesome game by this offense. Ben Cahoon, congrats on the milestone. Avon Cobourne, another awesome game. Danny Desriveaux, 1st 100 yard game of his career. Anthony Calvillo, enough said. Coach Trestman, undefeated in his short CFL career.

Right now, I can't see this team going up rather then getting worse, to last season.

Jesse Lumsden deserves it, so does Ricky Ray. I think the league will spread it around but what leadership and football smarts from Anthony Calvillo.

4 touchdown passes in the 1st half, Calvillo has my vote. But big plays like the bounce off the tackle in the 4th quarter may have sealed the deal, so you can make something out of Avon getting the call.

Lumsden 194 yards 2 TD, giving the Ticats their first road win in 3 years after losing 9 or 11 straight against Toronto gets my vote.

Anthony threw an interception...Got to call everything...

are we talking about the leauge or the team? Because I hardly know enough about this team, let alone the leauge yet!!!!! lol

League wide player of the week. There is one named on offense,defense, special team and Canadian. (4 in all). Welcome aboard we're expecting you....lol!