Week 2: Saskatchewan @ Toronto

Game Time: Saturday July 5th 3:00 pm ET

Last meeting: Saturday September 14th 2013. Week 12: 31-29 Argos

Riders 1-0/Argos 0-1

Well after the slaughter of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats we find ourselves playing another eastern team coming off of a blow out. Though the Argos boast a more talented O-Line and a future HOF QB, their defense especially their secondary is very weak. I feel that if our O-Line can continue steam rolling opposing D-Linemen, Durant will be able to put up consistent #'s. Playing in the dome I'm looking for Durant to really step up his game and stats here, especially vs Toronto's weak secondary. Ray will have his moments but I believe our Offense will be too much for Toronto to handle, Durant will throw up 3 TD's, Ray throws 2 Td's but is sacked 4 times. Allen punches in a TD in the final 4 min to solidify the win.

Final score Riders 32- Argos 23

Last year the Argo's figured out how to beat the Rider OL...one of the few teams to do that. They don't have the same DC and they don't have the same players. That could be huge.

Ray is a master of the quick pass, but he has some new OL in front of him that did not gel at all last week. I think they will be better, but Ray would have to have an top end game with a great game plan. They will need to do a lot of quick over the middles and running straight up the gut.

Ray isn't as into the long ball, and with a great secondary and pressure in his face, think it will be limited until that OL gets some solid blocking. But the scary thing is that I think the Riders have been doing better covering the short stuff than the long...last year and this. Ray will likely look over the short middle early, and I am looking for Tbrack to likely step up into one in a big way...Ray's goal will be to catch him doing that and hoping to burn them deep over the middle.

We will see what the Riders look like on dry ground.

I don't like betting against Ray having 2 losses in a row, but I think the Argos have a big hill here. I think the Riders win this by 2 full scores.

I think Toronto will struggle all season. If Riders keep Ray in check, (5 sacks) Riders 37 Argos 15.

I would like the Rider's to use the hurry up offense to start this game also. Sure having the wind in the 1st quarter was a good reason to use it, but it also was very effective of not allowing Hamilton's defense to get settled. The same thing could be effective against the Argo's new defense. Get them off balance and don't let them get settled. It's very effective especially when your defense gets the others teams offense off the field quickly. A couple of good offensive series and a couple of quick two and outs by the Rider's D and this one could also be over by half time. Get a quick lead then pound the ground and keep Ray off the field and their D on just like they did to Hamilton and almost assured us a win.

I think Saskatchewan has an excellent chance to win this game. It will be another week of coaches looking at film, and getting the new players up to speed. IMO, the key to the Riders in this game will be the play of the line backers. This is the part of the SSK Defence with the least experience, so look for Toronto and Ray to attack over the middle with quick hitters. Ray is a very accurate passer, so to eliminate the pressure of the Riders front seven, look for Toronto to attack the middle... On the offensive side, look for the Riders to continue to use ground game to win time of possession, and look for the OLine to be physical as always

In the end, this battle will be won in the trenches. And this is where the Riders have the advantage over the Argos. SSK OLine gives Durant the time he needs, and provides the holes for the running game to get established. My prediction is SSK 32 - TOR 28

Field position is huge and never given enough time.

We won field position against Cats and made them pay. Martel and Milo.........and all the teams dudes make this happen.

Domed stadium...........environment won't factor in.

Chad Owens...........must be aware of this guy returning kicks punts. So another week and another challenge. Ryan Smith looked good on his 1-2 returns last week! Just have to get Marshay heading upfield and picking through the holes. He has a lot of speed............he needs to find the space. Possession first on teams..........secure the ball. Marshay bobbled once but it was on a no yards call. Secure the ball and added yards are huge bonus.

Special teams are 1/3rd...........we won most of these battles last season and we know how it ended up. We just have to stay really disciplined.

I will say this...if Bartel does line drives that deep to Owens on PR, Owens will likely be the player of the week. Either needs to find a spot to bounce it, angle out of bounds, or get more air.

Rider d is very strong so far. Ray will not have his usual good game. Keep an eye on Chad and we will be fine..I predict a blowout.

The D will rock Ray, the O-line will keep DD safe, so we should win this one easy! I to say a blow out! :rockin:

up to half...crosses have been the Rider D Achilles for a few years, and it continues.

Allen has fumbled in every game he has been dressed for thus far and that one in the 2nd Q was just plain bad.

The Argo O is looking about what everyone was expecting, except apparently for the Riders. They either need to switch up coverage on Ownes, or stick to an extra zone guy around him

The Riders are starting to get a bit better on the deep ball...like mentioned by the commentators, they really have not had the weather to practice it.

Just brutal play by the riders. DD does not look sharp, not all his fault, the D so so O-line not holding, and I want to see our other running back next game, 2 fumbles in 2 games by Allen not good! Lets see how we adjust for second half!

  • DD...1 int...fine, it was a nice pick and then was forced to try to make plays happen, but played pretty good overall. I have no concerns there...he will bounce back
  • OL, I thought played fine. it was the extra guy coming in that was not picked up enough
  • SB...I thought this was the difference maker. Getz/Geroy are masters of recognizing the blitz and doing the cutback block. Sure, like the commentators mentioned they can find the soft spots to, but the block are the big thing.
  • Allen...brutal fumble. Some questions there IMO
  • LBs, not cutting it in this game at all. I feat the cross and the quick hitters because it has been the Rider soft spot for a while and a guy like Ray will eat that up all day long...and did. Huge concerns there and in tackling in general in this one.
  • Special teams...coverage was bad.
  • They did get to test some passing questions out in this game, which was great. They need Getz, not for his hands...for his blitz recognition.
  • My single biggest concern is that everybody and their dog knew what the Argos O would be trying and they had zero answers for it.

This was against the East so I felt they were willing to sacrifice this one to learn, and were really testing a lot of things out, but the D was disappointing to no end. It was clear the O wanted to test some passing ideas early, but the D never gave them an opportunity to make some mistakes and bounce back. kudus to the Argos for a great game...as I said before...I hate to bet against Ray not bouncing back...a thorough butt kicking

That was a tough game to watch… Riders did not play well…

  • Durant was having a hell of a time early in the game connecting on passes… He under threw a lot of passes, even though the pick was a nice job by the defender if Durant puts that more towards the sideline we have a TD instead of a turnover. Could have been do to the pressure he was under this game. Had tons of opportunities to use his legs but only did so a few times… Would have had a lot more first downs if he was more willing to run.

  • Allen, I like his blocking, receiving and running, but the fumble things is starting to worry me. Although I didn’t think last weeks was too bad, that is 3 fumbles in 4 games including pre-season. I don’t like only having one true RB on the roster… It worries me.

  • Receivers looked ok, tough to tell as between the pressure and Durant’s inaccuracy today we didn’t get to see much of them. We missed Getz in blocking and as a 2nd down receiver… He is a threat who takes some heat off the other guys, and who often comes up big on 2nd down.

  • Line struggled a bit today, Durant was under fire most of the game. Not to worried though, Argos played very well coming off an embarrassing loss and its early in the year… If we have more games like this one I will start to worry, but for now I see no real issue with our line.

  • I am worried about our play calling. Could just be early in the year where we are trying to get our team on the same page but our offensive play calling was very bland… Would have liked to have see a few called QB runs as well as more passing it short. We kept trying for the medium to deep passes to no avail… Should have started calling some quick hitters and screens to help relieve the pass rush a bit.

  • Defense struggled much of the game, Argos O-line outplayed our D-line for the most part, and the times we did win Ricky would just dump it off short and get a gain from it. Outside of John Chick today our defense couldn’t tackle… Ton’s of missed tackles, broken tackles and bad angles taken all game. Worst offended was DA who i don’t remember making a tackle all game… It was bad.

  • Coverage was okish, but Ray was finding gaps in it all game. Was surprised to see our veterans getting beat all game long… Those quick crossing routes beat us up once again, still can’t figure out why we never use them successfully.


Riders D brought pressure, it was there early but the Argos handled it brilliantly, whether it was picking up blitzes, Ray with quick drop throws or just straight up 1 on 1 protection, that was a team that did their film work. Great job by the Argos.


Some shoddy tackling by the back 8. Dwight Anderson in particular was uncharacteristically sloppy SLOPPY on more than 1 occasion. Durant was not awful, but he did make some poor throws. First pick was underthrown, that cost a TD. Another before that underthrown hit the defender in the back. I know the trend the past couple of years is to underthrow the deep ball against aggressive man coverage and let the receiver make the adjustment but those 2 were definitely poorly placed. Last pick was just brutal. Receiver was wide open, should have thrown it a good 2 seconds earlier but takes WAAAY too long to recognize and pull the trigger, just begged for the DB to jump that. Throw it 1½ seconds earlier and its a Rider TD. Allen .. Allen, needs to protect the ball. No excuse for the fumble and even less for carrying the ball loose late in the game. Not impressed with him at all. The fumble was ANOTHER 7 points against. Also he dropped that easy pass in the flat that killed the early drive. How did they let Ray run like that? The most embarrassing was the last run before the Bradwell score. Did not get the number of the Rider in the open field who just plain missed him. Fuuugly. Defensive line beaten soundly at the point of attack. You can't give up 6-8 ground yards every 1st and 10 and expect to win a football game.

If Hughes is just as effective as Allen carrying the ball (which he was), then I don't want to see Allen play next week. Play someone who takes ball protection seriously, whether that's Hughes, give Toston his chance or someone else.

So with Allen going to the dog house today,,,, which I dont agree with the tactic, in fact I think it cost us points,, may we be seeing Keith Toston next week against B.C ? .... Perhaps we should open up now to 2 back set ? ... Toston and dare I say Hugh Charles ..... ( looked like our boy Hughes was on the limp)

Sure, play Charles...that way they can test out the backup QBs for a few games

Dress Allen and Toston. Sit one of the International receivers. This team needs the running game #1...so why wouldn't you have a primary backup. No offense to Hughes, but it is clear they are not willing to rely on his running, which is unfortunate.

Tough game today Riders next week will be a great game to watch, will the Lions be 0-3 or will we have a log jam in the basement of the western division.

Why is it when the Riders go to Toronto or Montreal they play like they have been out clubbing all the night before? I know that isn't likely the case but they sure play some lethargic games in those two cities. I didn't get to see much of the game as I had to work today and if I can find enough TUMS I might get up the guts to watch it tomorrow. From what I did see though this game was lost after the National Anthem. Yes full credit to the Argos for a solid team effort but still to lose this bad as Hamilton did last week the Riders must have stunk the joint out. Allen another fumble? Not good and if he cant protect the ball then he isn't going to last long. I said the Rider's D had to stop the quick middle garbage dumps and obviously they didn't. heck from the sounds of it they didn't stop anything. Chamblin really needs to let all of them know that this kind of effort is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Now we have a wounded Lions team to face that will be looking to get their first win. Riders need to step up and come out mean and nasty. If they lose to the Lions at home the love in for the team may get a bit cool.
I can accept a loss if the team puts a full effort into it but obviously that wasn't the case today and that does not sit well with me. Regroup,refocus, and rejuvenate your effort guys, if you can't or won't then some of you should be packing your bags.

I don't think we should entirely give up on Allen yet. He shows flashes of skill, I believe that Coburn just needs to coach him on how to protect the ball. He is a good blocker from what I have watched and his receiving skills are better than Sheets. The only problem I see with him is ball security..

What is bothering me is that we don't have a backup on the game day roster for him. Neil Hughes is ok in a pinch but he really isn't capable of carrying our team in the running game, it would be nice to see them dress Charles or Toston to either share duties of back him up.

The problem is then we have to sit down one of our WR's and who do you sit? As of now I think Ryan Smith is the guy who gets bumped off the roster.. Swain has proved to be a guy Durant likes going to, Riley or Schillens seem to have the one SB spot as theirs which I like as they are both bigger and faster than they rest of our guys.

So for 2 RBs we would likely bump Smith off the roster.. The only other guy I could see getting bumped would be Legree but that leaves us with only 7 DBs and Brackenridge which I am not sure the team would be comfortable with.

The way coach was talking he felt that Hughes could do the job as a servciable back up RB during the game.
Every team now needs to dress and even play two RBs for each game IMHO.
You would think that after last season when Sheets got hurt they learned the priority for that. Upon his return Sanders became a part of the Running game as well. With blocking from your tailback now much more important you just cant ride a guy for 18 games. Even in Calgary Matt Walter gave the Stamps spot duty at tailback and now they add Sanders as well
Toronto figured it out after Kackert getting injured so much.