Week 2 predictions

Bc and Sask = bc 35 sask 20
Montreal and Edmonton = Montreal 35 Edmonton 25
winnipeg and Toronto = Winnipeg 31 toronto 18
Hamilton and Calgary = Calgary 28 Hamilton 20

Argos at Bombers = Bombers
Stamps at Ticats = Ticats
Riders at Lions = Riders
Alouettes at Eskimos = Alouettes

Not going to predict scores.

Toronto 10
Winnipeg 23

Calgary 20
Hamilton 30

Saskatchewan 27
B.C. 24

Montreal 31
Edmonton 23

Argos at Bombers = Bombers by 14(Bombers offence is strongly upgraded from last year and and good d line against a rookie QB could be giving him fits all game.)

Stamps at Ticats = Stamps by 7(Until the tabies get there o-line woes fixed i think glenn will be seeing a lot of pressure and that does not fold well against a strong team in the stamps.)

Riders at Lions = Riders by 3(Two top offesive teams in the west and i think they will finish 1st and 2nd just a battle to see who finishes 1st. The riders are the team to be beat in the west.)

Alouettes at Eskimos = Alouettes by at least 14(Als after a hard loss in week 1 will be out for blood in week 2 and unfortunatly the eskies are standing in there way.)

bc 33
Sask 20

Winnipeg 25
Toronto 18

Montreal 35
Edmonton 20

Hamilton 25
Calgary 30

What in the last 11 hours made you change your mind on the scores? Or did you just forget that this thread was actually created by you?

winnipeg -30
toronto - 15

sask - 35
BC - 25

calgary - 31
hamilton - 29

montreal - 50
edmonton - 10

I don't know if it'll be 50-10, but I am preparing for a Montreal blowout.

I'd take Winnipeg in a close game. It looks like both teams have solid D's, so we won't see a lot of points. Besides, these two teams typically play low-scoring games.

I'll take Hamilton in a close one. They're at home. It'll probably be close to last year's game 24-17, something like that.

I'll take Sask in a good win. Maybe a 10-point win.

i think the argos defence will be on the field too long, and the dam will break in the 4th.

Winnipeg 22
Toronto 20

A close game. Winnipeg realizes that not all wins will come as easy as week 1. Toronto shows up, and outplays them in the 1st half. Lapolice lights a fire under them at half, and they come away with a close win. Winnipeg fans are still heard shouting 'sack Kevin Glenn' even though they're not playing the Tabbies.

Calgary 24
Hamilton 30

The pissed off Ticats come out swinging and rebound with a much needed win. Kevin Glenn struggles early, having to rely on the defence in the 1st half. In the 2nd half, he's more consistent and comes away with decent numbers. Hamilton's D line, Marcus Thigpen, Maurice Mann, Joffrey Reynolds and Rob Maver come away as the game's stars. The big announcement of the night: Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger and Bob Young will participate in a 'no holds barred' match, taking place after the next home game. Winner gets control of the Pan Am stadium location. Special guest referee... Darryl Katz.

Saskatchewan 36
BC 26

Coming off week 1 with a big win, the confident but realistic Riders come away with their 2nd win of the season. Stars of the game: Durant (over 400 yds passing), Fantuz, Casey Printers. A close game at the half, Saskatchewan slowly pulls away in the 4th quarter. Rod Black gushes over Paul Mccallum and his streak every time BC kicks. Saskatchewan plays with 11 men on the field the whole game, just to be on the safe side.

Montreal 46
Edmonton 18

Sorry Edmonton. The Alouettes are a grumpy bunch and you will unfortunately take the brunt of it this week. Stars of the game... take your pick from MTL.

Winnipeg 29
Toronto 20

Calgary 17
Hamilton 33

Saskatchewan 39
BC 10

Montreal 32
Edmonton 20

Toronto 13
Winnipeg 31

Calgary 23
Hamilton 30

Saskatchewan 27
B.C. 34

Montreal 46
Edmonton 19

What do you think will happen in week 2? here's my take.

Tor @ Wpg- Winnipeg looked very strong in the opener against a Hamilton team that didn't seem to be themselves. They managed to take advantage of an unproven secondary and a rookie right tackle. Despite what everyone else is saying the Argos really impressed me in week one. The defense managed to keep them in the game until the fourth quarter, and what I saw from the offense is a unit that is closer to being successful than everyone thinks. If the offensive line can get it together, there's enough talent at the skill positions to put up respectable numbers. This one will be a lot closer than everyone thinks.
Wpg 28 Tor 24

Cgy @ Ham- What a brutal opener for the Tiger- Cats, it almost seems like deja vu from last year. The defense isn't as bad as everyone thinks, the front seven played a good game, it's up to the secondary to get it together. On offense the rookie at right tackle is partially to blame for their struggles, but the play calling needs to get better. Calgary's offense did little to impress me against the Argos, Sure they held the ball for 45 minutes, but what's the use in that if you can't score. Their offense's problems may have more to do with the skill of the Argonauts defense, but we'll find out this week. The defense looked good, but going up against that offensive line and a quarter back in his first start isn't saying much. I'm looking for Hamilton to bounce back to home.
Ham 31 Cgy 24

Ssk @ BC- Possibly the two best teams in the league right now meet in brand new Empire Stadium. Saskatchewan's offense looked superb, what a passing attack they have. It's great to see the best offense in the league has 3 starting Canadian receivers. The defense looks suspect, but when your offense can score like they can, it makes you worry less. Jamal Robertson had a monster game against the Eskies despite Casey struggling for the most part. The defense looked great against the Eskies, but they have a harder test this week. It's the best passing game from week one against the best running game, after all this is the CFL, passing always wins.
Ssk 38 BC 21

Mtl @ Edm- The team from the losing end of the spectacular season opener looks to bounce back against a seemingly weak Eskimos squad. The Al's offense hasn't missed a beat from last season, the defense however looks to have slowed down a bit. Edmonton's offense looks very weak with the exception of Arkee Whitlock. This one won't even be close, Montreal will bounce back in style.
Mtl 42 Edm 13

Toronto 24, Winnipeg 28

Calgary 25, Hamilton 31

Saskatchewan 40, BC 35

Montreal 43, Edmonton 21

my predictions for week two are Winnipeg 37 Toronto 30, Calgary 31 Hamilton 24, B.C. 27 Saskatchewan 21, Edmonton 44 Montrel 40

Toronto at Winnipeg = Winnipeg

Calgary at Hamilton = Calgary

Saskatchewan at BC = BC

Montreal at Edmonton = Montreal