Week 2 Injury Reports

TORONTO — Week 2’s injury reports will be housed here and will be updated daily.

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These injury reports are helpful when making picks and placing bets. But historically one should not trust Winnipeg O’Shea. Brady Oliveira is listed as questionable but the last 2 years Questionable players pretty much always played. Other teams Questionable meant more often than not the player didn’t play.

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I totally agree. The injury report was created to stop other teams from spying. Winnipeg is the only team that being on the up and up with this report

Sorry, Winnipeg is the only team that is NOT being on the up and up

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Thanks for correcting that. I have no problem with difference of opinion, but that one blew my mind… or we were being trolled.

No big deal right now, but just an FYI…
You can edit your posts by clicking the little pencil button at the bottom. It can save you having to do a second post to correct something.

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Here we are Sunday morning (Game Day) past 10 AM Eastern Time and the CFL’s own Website has not published the Saturday Injury Reports for either the Tiger-Cats or Roughriders. When is the CFL going to tell its staff that if you work for the CFL you work on weekends in the regular season. It is embarrassing for a Professional Sports League to have such poor reporting. In an era where game betting is allowed (not for Shawn Lemon) it is unethical for the League to not have complete and total disclosure of injury reports before a game…

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Even on Twitter Sask didn’t do anything for Saturday but Ti-Cats did.

I’m hoping they didn’t just forget to do it on Friday and remembered on Saturday.

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Just scrolled tsn’s entire webpage and found no mention of today’s game. That is disgusting. What kind of a broadcast partner is that?