Week 2 Games

Hi All,

I was wondering who everyone is tipping for this week's games?

I'm considering tipping...
Winnipeg over Montreal
BC over Edmonton
Roughriders over Calgary

Anyone's thoughts?

I would "tip" the opposite in each of those listed.


Canada over Austria
US over North Korea

Winnipeg (they're at home; they looked good in game 1, and Montreal looked dreadful in their opener);

BC (again, homefield advantage, Buono will outcoach Maciocia, and they're just the better team...but it'll be close)

Calgary (buck the homefield trend this weekend; they are a superior team to the Green Riders, it may be very high scoring, but I think the Stamps' offence is superior)


HAMILTON will BEAT the blue team visiting from down the road, mainly because we're going to see the Michael Bishop of old, and the Cats secondary is going to get a bunch of interceptions.

You read it here first!

Michael Bishop is an animal that looks ready to take the starting job. With a flick of the wrist he can throw it 60 yards.

If he plays well (and i think he will), we dont stand a chance.

I agree he's got a cannon for an arm, but he's always had that. The questions are whether he can (a) handle the pressure of being a starter, (b)read a defence, and (c) be accurate with his throws (and he's had a well-earned reputation for not being very accurate in the past).

This is going to be an interesting game. Hopefully the front 4 can provide pressure and make Bishop make quick decisions I think that is the weakness in his game. His decision making! That way we can drop 8 into coverage and hopefully force him to throw underneath and not allow that 60 yard throw. The D-backs were in coverage too long last week and that's why they were victimized. Burris had all day back there. Stuff the run, bring pressure and the turnovers will come. On offense. Establish the run and work play action hopefully we'll be able to make a few plays down field. If we can control the line of scrimmage and cash in on our chances in the "red zone" we should be fine.

Saskatchewan will beat Calgary.
BC will destroy Edmonton.
I've got a feeling about Winnipeg beating Montreal, but it'll be ugly (Mtl road games always are) but we'll be forced to watch to see Milt get the record.
and of course...
Toronto will annihilate the Yellow Cats.