Week 2 CFL Power Rankings

WE'RE NUMBER 4!!!!!!

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2009/07/12/cfl_power_rankings_wk2/?utm_source=CFL%20Home%20RSS-Images&utm_medium=feed&utm_content=Week%202%20CFL%20Power%20Rankings]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... 20Rankings[/url]
8) Hey, that's better than being # 8. :wink:

Unbelievable!!! I thought we would be 6 or 7!!!!!!

A win on Saturday puts us up to 3!!!!

If the Eastern teams can hold their own for four to five weeks against the West. Crossover won't be an issue :slight_smile:

Jim Lang is a tool, this is the silliest thing i've ever read.

He should just stick to being an NFL nerd, there's no logic to these power rankings at all. lol

We beat a team they consider #8 so that moves us a head of a team that destroyed us the previous week? And Winnipeg is now ranked a head of a team that beat them.

Yeah, but they were sixth before we beat them – and we beat them at home…where they never lose. The Argos, meanwhile, took advantage of our snoring defence in the first half of game 1, and completely fell apart in the second half of the Riders game.

Maybe 4 is high…but not by much.

Nice to see the team quickly earn some respect, but quite frankly it's a little early to be making rankings that mean a lot.

A couple more weeks, and we will have a more realistic picture of where we are at. We now have Winnipeg at home, and Montreal on the road (both are ranked above us). Win or lose, the TiCats will have to perform well in both these games to stay up in the rankings.


PS - Nice to see the Argos ranked #7!!

CBC has us at #7 with Winnipeg as #3.


These ones look more legit to me.

I want to see the Allwets and Sask play, that should be a hard hitting game.







Never thought I would ever see BC at the bottom.

lol agree with you.

Bottom line the points

I also agree that #4 is too high. Maybe #5 or #6. I don't know about the rest of you, but while I'm thrilled that they won out in BC, I'm also a little hesitant to put them into the consistently competitive team category until I see a few more games, since last year the Ticats were also 1-1 after 2 games.

We were all happy because they'd trounced the As, but we all know how that turned out. In hindsight, we should have been able to see that the recipe for disaster was already there: the As were also a crappy team, the Cats were already losing the turnover and sack differentials by a wide margin, the team had a running game based on Lumsden, and Lumsden would get injured, the team had was no good at the passing game and Printers was no longer a good QB, Creehan and the defense s*cked, and Taaffe had no idea how to break the culture of losing.

That being said, I'm cautiously optimistic that the recipe for success might be in place this time: BC's defense doesn't s*ck, Obie has more of his talent in place, MB might actually be able to break the loser mentality, the defense still looks like a work in progress, but they might actually make some progress this year, the OLine is supposed to be better, and Porter has already thrown for TDs and shown that he can be very good at protecting the football - zero turnovers in BC. Actually, come to think of it, there were very few of those all too familiar bone-headed plays that have torn out so much Ticat-fan hair over the last few years. Wow, the record's the same, but what a change! (I hope)

TSN just posted their power rankings:

* [1] Montreal (Last Week: -)
* [2] Saskatchewan (Last Week: -)
* [3] Winnipeg (Last Week: -)
* [4] Edmonton (Last Week: -)
* [5] Toronto (Last Week: -)
* [6] Hamilton (Last Week: -)
* [7] Calgary (Last Week: -)
* [8] B.C. (Last Week: -)

Sportsnet is good for Blue Jay games, and some MMA coverage and thats about it (and Im not even that much of an mma fan...)

As for Jim Lang...I cant even stand watching him speak.. his blinking creeps me out.

I agree, well said!

Winnipeg #3......Sounds good...Next week #2....MTL win over SSK
WPG win over HAM
B.C. win over EDM
CGY win over TOR

Next week's ............. MTL

TSN has their rankings up here:


1 Montreal
3 Wpg
4 Edm
5 Toronto
6 Hamilton
7 Calgary
8 BC

I really think it's too early to really say how the East should be ranked. Montreal is no doubt showing they are number 1 after crushing the Stamps and Eskimos, but I think it is difficult to really say who ranks where amoung the Cats, Bomber, and Argos.

The Cats lost to the Argos at home and beat the Lions on the road, who lost their first game to the Riders. If anything that makes the Cats unpredictable. The Argos beat the Cats in Hamilton and played well, and then did not look good against the Riders at home. Again, some unpredictable results. The Bombers lost to Edmonton on the road who were crushed by the Als, and then beat the Stamps at home, who were also crushed by the Als. This is a little less unpredictable, but makes the Bombers really only look average outside of the fact that the Stamps were champs last year.

Rankings don't mean much yet, only the standings at this point. There are two team who are undefeated at the top, two who are without victories at the bottom, and the rest are all in the middle at 1 and 1.

In two more weeks we will see how good the TiCats really are. If they beat the Bombers at home, and don't get blown out by the Als in Montreal, they will keep a good ranking. If they lose both games by significant margins, they will go back down near the bottom. If they lose both games and show they can compete with these teams, they will find themselves in the middle of the pack, possibly where they belong.


There's no doubt in my mind that Winnipeg cheated in those games though. They definately seemed to have Ed's and Cal's offences well 'scouted'.

Watching Edmonton I thought that their offence must be really predictable even more than usual, but there was nothing fishy about it because under Machoochio they always ran the same stuff over and over, nothing but crossing routes then corner routes once they get to the 30, but to make a Huffnagel team look predictable pretty much confirms that Kelly is a big time swine. Now we'll see how dominant their defence really is without their proper 'scouting' in place this week :stuck_out_tongue:

haha well i guess we'l see saturday, but what if by chance the bomber d is still dominant? i didnt finish my crow after week 1 so il have some left over for you! :lol: :cowboy: