Week 2: Cagary @ Saskatchewan

So...this is week 2 w/o Simon...I have the feeling best case is week 4. Guess we see if the Carr move was premature...they must have faith that someone picked up the playbook pretty fast!

On the DL, George is dressed and sounds amped up. (I gotta wonder...if he shows well, is McElveen potential trade bait? He was brought in as an end, then Chick signed...could be interesting.)

So, obviously the big concern for the Riders is stopping Cornish. They were hit and miss with him last season as he gained 67, 159, 39 and 109 yards...a solid 94 average for him.

On the Lines, this is the pressure test...The Stamps DL played havoc for the Riders last season. The Rider DL will prove what they can and can not do in this game.

Getz has looked superb through PS and week 1, so I hope a Carr-less, Simon-less team does not force too much pressure on him and cause issues.He has had some pretty huge games vs that Stamps, so here is hoping.

DD looked poised last week...perhaps the most I have seen him. Even more so than early last year when they went a few games w/o a turnover. If it repeats, Cortez gets a huge kudos...but honest, DD just seems confident in the playbook. I also saw hm walking off the field shouldering blame a few times last week as opposed to shaking his head...nice to see.

The Secondary will have a big game I think. The Stamps lack experience outside of the SBs, so isolate them and reap the rewards by putting the pressure on the young guys. Double Lewis so he doesn't eat up that crossing route...that said, I have the feeling Brack could step up and lay a hurting on one of those if they tap that well too much.

Simple strategy on D really...cover heavy on SBs, shadow Cornish

On O, run at Hughes, keep in on the fringe.

I think the Riders LB's will be more than ready for Calgary along with the Sask. D-Line that should/will apply pressure/flush out Tate to execute other options. Cornish will again be called upon to move the ball is a given; so expect Sheets to also match the same yardage. Out of this I feel Cortez will keep the Stamps off balance, thus open a door for Durant/to Dressler more often. Field advantage will play a key role again as the Special teams looked good last week. Should be a good game...ect.

I get the feeling we will be seeing more of Kromah this game, Between him and Williams we have two solid run stoppers.. As well as having a solid D-line can really change the way we play Cornish. Last year our D-line got beat up front and Calgary's O-line was able to create big holes for Cornish. With John Chick back and reeking havoc up front, as well as if Shologan play's as well as he did last game we can make Cornish's gaps smaller and there for easier for the LBs to plug!

Cornish still scares the crap out of me but I think we are better equipped to play him this season!

I am curious how this game will go with Cornish... Hopefully Lobendahn isn't laughing at us the whole game. :lol:

This game will be a test to the whole team, I think it will be close, Our o-line and d-line should do well. If DD comes out like he can, we should win this one. It all depends on which DD comes out to play.

My only concern is who will be the punt/kick returner... I hope it in not J Sanders, he is not the guy for the job!! And I like him!! just not on returns!! JMO

At this point Sanders is second in kick return average only to Lamar, who busted a 104 yarder
Punt returns...not so much.

I don't like him returning, but honestly...it does not look like he is going to be used in the same fashion he was for those 3 or so games last season when the Sheets/Sanders combo was almost impossible to stop. Probably a good idea…this team is building redundancy…someone goes down, someone comes in. The issue with that Sanders/Sheets tandem was that when Sanders went down, there was no redundancy to his skill set. Therefore, using him on returns at least warrants to paycheck. Plus, I would rather see him that Dressler back there! As a whole, I do agree though…I would like to see him in those short routes they used him in last season and leave returning to others such as Prince Miller.


Well, Getz is getting the start…hope his great play continues, and Riley will be backing him, so maybe we will see the wheels combo of he, Dressler and Smith a few times!

George is apparently starting over McElveen…Again, I wonder if McElveen might become trade bait.

Ferri is listed…I gotta be honest

He's done that pretty much throughout his whole career. It is almost annoying at times and it seems to spur him into doubting himself and then the picks start tallying up.

I looked at depth chart. 11 non-import starters.

Did Woldu start in Edmonton..............he's listed as starter.

Calgary will be a great test. Both teams kind of shoved their opponents around last week so this is the real deal early in the season.

Contain Cornish no doubt about it.

Watch out for Rob Cote as fullback. They disguise him nicely.

Tate was all quick hit passes last week. He wasn't hanging arounf the pocket for 3-5 seconds. 2-3 boom ball is out. Short underneath stuff that can drive you nuts. D-line needs to watch the passing lanes and knock some balls down. LB's and DB's will have to play honest.

My thoughts anyways.

Both Tate and Cornish can be rattled and then not play well.

We NEED the east / sunny side to get on them and keep both prima-donnas off of their game! :twisted:


Ya it isn't that hard to get Tate (like Burris) throwing lawn darts. He starts hearing footsteps after a few knock downs.

Like I said in another thread somewhere, Keiry Johnson (spelling ?) was the most impressive thing out there at camp the 2 times I went when I was home in Stoon visiting in June. This is probably the last time his name will be mispelled as he will be a household name in Sask by mid August. Take that to the bank. :wink:

Who is going to sit? Getz, Dressler or Simon.
All the power to him, but that is a mountain to climb.

I haven't been to practice, but isn't Johnson nursing a hamstring?

He was on the 1-game last week, but Chamblin said that it would be down to Kierre or Eron dressing this week.

True. Just like AC. I loved that game yesterday and I have to say I have been waiting to see Calvillo's true colors including criticizing the coaching staff for literally years!

Holy Sheets WHAT a Game !

Dressler / Getz / DD were really , really good.

Man were the Stumps dirty / dirty players. Nothing changes I guuess. No Class at all.

Go Riders Go :rockin:

Ya I can see now why they released Carr. Eron Riley although he didn't break one for a big play and had some first game goofs showed a ton of heart and effort that Carr never produced.

Agreed. I was miffed at first about the negated touchdown, but Riley showed great effort on his few chances later on.
I really enjoyed watching this game, even if the Riders had lost. Good, tough football with lots of well executed plays on both sides.
I was really impressed with the way the Riders D tightened up in the second half. Also, how on offence they continued to give the ball to Sheets and gradually dominated the O line play.
Milo was spot on, every field goal down the middle. And Schmidt (Smith)?? not sure the sp, but seems to be a really good punter.
Nice to see Dressler and Getzlaf both have big games. Waiting to see if Taj Smith will break out, although he did have that great endzone catch that was nullified by the offside. And DD looked really composed, was impressed when he ate the ball late in the game instead of trying to force it downfield.
Can't wait for the Toronto game.

All in all a great game. O-line held great, d-line did their thing. Def. played very well, a little slow at the start, but came back with a bang. Even Sanders returned well for the most part. Well disciplined team, few penalties. Hats of to Chamberlin and coaching staff!!

Offence is like night and day from last season! Weston sheets even Getz had a great game!

Now I thought I would never say this, but!..... If DD keeps playing like he is now, I have to say he can take us to a Grey Cup and win us a few. He look as good as any top QB!! Kudo's to DD!!

I can see this team get only better, lets prey they can keep this going all the way to the Grey Cup.

One last note, after watching both games, and as the games went on. It seems the other teams got more and more upset and frustrated as the game went on! Is this cuz great play making by us, or is there something else going on we don't see.
Calgary was frustrated in by the end, and it cost them!! JMO!!