Week 2 attendance update

Week 1 average: 29,754

Week 2:
BC 27,528
Peg 28,009
Ham 25,248
Ed 30,442

Average = 27,807

Season average so far = 28,781

Week 3 guesses:
Toronto hosts Calgary on Wednesday night in the only sporting event on the planet (MLB all-star break -- good thinking CFL), I'll say 23K

Hamilton has Friday night game -- I'll guess 25K again

Sask sellout, 30,900

BC sellout, 27,500

I think Toronto can pull in 25k with the win over Winnipeg. If they were 0-2, id say 22k. Probably wont be a good year attendance wise, but it wont be 2003 levels.

I'm kind of surprised about the Edmonton numbers. Apparently the Thursday night games weren't the cause of low turnout. Edmonton fans just like to wait a few weeks before they come out. :lol:

I think Hamilton will have around 25k again this week. I actually think Toronto will get close to 28k, they’ve drawn decent the past few years with terrible teams, and they’ve looked respectable thus far.

With Toronto winning, I think they get a good crowd. They seem like they can be a competitive team.
They have yet to be blown up, and look respectable.

I don't understand why they had a 5pm start time?

on a SUNDAY?


who dropped the ball there?

I agree...thats an awful start time.

That was for us Eastern fans. :wink: TSN wants the most populated area (the center of the universe) watching in prime time.

This comment conjured up an image of a guy standing above a giant calendar, dropping a ball on it, and picking the entry where it landed as the date for games. This could also explain why Hamilton and Winnipeg play each other so many times at the beginning of the season.

myself and 2 friends are going to the argo game wednesday, so there will be atleast 3...lol :lol:

Whoever did wasn’t as noticeable as Fred Stamps’. :wink: