Week 2: 2 Ex Hamilton coaches, top o' the league right now

Cory Chamblin's Roughriders are the only 2-0 team

Cortez' offense has scored more points than any other team so far, 75

It'll be interesting to keep tabs on Cortez' offense.

Durant has played with Dressler, Bagg, Getzlaf now for a few years and Sheets too ..i don't think Cortez gets much credit here ..Sure a guy with all his experience can help to add to what they have ..but they may trip over some severerly bitten pens :slight_smile:
I think Cortex is ok at OC as he then isn't the boss and thus the players don't have to get irritated by his cold character ...i knwo guys liek jamal and markieth etc didn't care much for him so guys on sask's defence don't have to pay any attention to him .

I still feel there is no real great team in the league right now as the ARGOS lost alot of quality ( mccolough , Younger , Flemons , Foley , Huntley , Armsted ) and BC last Bruce and Simon ...

As for SASK..I don't think their import recivers are that great and Dressler can be double teamed .
I also think their DB's are not so grat and linebackers only ok ..they improved theior dline with Chick and non import Foley though and Durant is a top 3 qb in this league and Sheets is just peaking ..

If the Cats can get a pass rush and fix the wide side defence ( sam = harris , parks , cb bucknor , hb hobbs, mlb johnson , s -patrick ) then we'll be all set to make a run

Hopefully after tonights game against the blue team,the only 3-0 team :smiley: as for Cortez he is now in his comfort zone,he is obviously a great offensive assistant coach,as proven last year not Head Coaching material.Chamblin on the other hand is proving himself as a very capable head coach which kind of scares me as we got the Greenies back to back after this week :frowning: :

Last year Saskatchewan finished 5th in points scored and 6th in yardage, 3rd in rushing and 7th in passing.

Not a great offense at all, but like I said, it's only week 2 and it'll be interesting keep tabs.

BTW, Burris leads the league in passing with 595 yards after week 2. We'll see what Winnipeg's D can do Saturday.

I don't know how a single season fully explores his potential for being a HC.

One season is hardly enough time to learn a new position whether player or a coach.

Chamblin was 8-10, Cortez 6-12

I hear what youre saying captain,one year is tough,but all in all,Ill take Chamblins 8-10 any day over BIC-BOY Cortez and his 6-12 record.Austin has a pretty good resume and I feel that while our record doesnt reflect it,its only two games in,lets stick with him and see where it leads us :cowboy:


I was for sticking with Bellefeuille, sticking with Cortez, and now I’m for sticking with Austin.

Can we just stick? :wink:

I still don't think Cortez was the problem here. There was a huge lack of talent on D. He was hired very late and didn't get much chance to build the team he wanted. On the other hand Austin was hired early and given ample opportunity to improve this team. From what I see so far this team has regressed on both sides of the ball (didn't think that was possible on D.) I did expect some regression on offense from last season, but this team is very one dimensional so far. Last season there was at least some threat to a run game

Wow, they racked up another 478 yards offense and 39 points today, going 3-0 after dismantling the A***s.

Nice to see the A***s drop to 1-2.

A Hamilton win will also make both Hamilton and Winnipeg 1-2.

If Calgary beats Montreal and Hamilton wins you have a 4 way tie in the East at 1-2. If Calgary plays like they did against BC and like they did in the 1st half against Saskatchewan I see them blowing Montreal out.

Like i said when we fired cortez....BAD MOVE! and when he signed in saskatchewan....THEY WILL MAKE IT TO THE GREY CUP AND SCORE A TON OF POINTS!! im no genius but it was obvious he is a genious as an OC....we just needed a good DC and some players who could play at a high level on D.

Only time will tell but we are looking pretty bad right now....changing players every week is not the solution...just shows we are poor at evaluating talent,still!