Week 19

The only real thing to be determined is who gets 3rd in the west. EDM & BC are tied at 7 & 10, with EDM having won the season series between the two. Both play on the road -- BC here on Saturday afternoon and EDM in SSK six hours later. Both HAM and SSK will host their division semi-final. If BC doesn't tie or win against HAM, EDM will know they're in the playoffs before kickoff in SSK, where they'd be returning the following Sunday. Otherwise, EDM would have to at least match BC's accomplishment here. For HAM, the biggest motivator should be to improve on last's year's record of 9 & 9, along with getting back on track after being Stampeded. SSK has now lost four straight and certainly could stand a win, but won't want to over-extend themselves. What might well have been a totally "nothing" weekend will have some excitement.

We get to be spoilers and knock B.C. out of the playoffs.
I have a huge amout of respect for David Braley for what he has done for our league ,BUT,
I would love too see both his teams get knocked out , B.C. this weekend and the Arblows next weekend.
How about back to back Jacks! :thup:

Yea, how about a little payback for BC knocking us out of the play-offs last season.


Just remember, you are only allowed to do the "Kiss him Goodbye" chant when a team's season is over. Hopefully BC will get it this Saturday.

A few milestone to enjoy seeing on Saturday:

Kevin Glenn should move up in one team record category and set the standard in yet another. He's 52 passing yards short of having the team's 3rd best passing yards total for a single season (McManus '98 & Clements '82). He's 222 short of taking over second spot (McManus '04). And, highly unlikely now to happen. particularly as he likely won't play the entire game, but still possible -- he's 522 short of being #1 (McManus '99). He'll likely hold onto his better completion percentage for the season than Tom Clements' team record (65.2%). Glenn stands at 65.5%

There should be no question that both Stala (needs 5 yds.) and McDaniel (needs 35) will join Bruce in the 1000 yards receiving club. If Bruce plays, there's a good chance he could finish tops in the league in receiving yards. After sitting out last week, he's just 22 yards behind Terence Edwards.