Week 18, Eskies vs Lions

I am looking forward to what is perhaps the biggest game of the season, no perhaps in my mind. This game will decide 1st in the West. Both teams playing well, although I am still predicting the annual collapse of the lions, call it the curse of the Buono, teams peaking in October with a month to go.

It will be fun regardless. :cowboy:

Reed and the Eskie coaches should/will have good game film prep from the game today in Hamilton.

It's certainly the biggest game my wife and I have anticipated. First place will only be "decided" if Edmonton wins. If the Lions win next week they will "take over" 1st place but only temporarily.

Regardless, the Edmonton/Lions game on October 29 will hopefully be sensational. I'm concerned about the injuries the Lions have been taking. It is not looking good. The Lions chances are not as good in my opinion after today's game. Not because they lost badly but because of the additional injuries.

The lions do have some key injuries, but playing in the dome should even things out should see a big crowd I would say 45 k for this game any less and I would be disappointed with the Lion faithful .

Not going to happen. Not even close. Maybe 30K if they're lucky. The Canucks are playing Ovechkin & the Washington Capitals across the street on Hockey Night In Canada at the exact same time. If would be nice if they could avoid Lions games when they make their schedule - I never see the same conflicts with the Eskimo/Oilers and Stamps/Flames. :roll: I don't think the Lions will move kick-off to a 4:00pm start either, due to TV commitments.

Yep, I agree. Less than 45,000 would be a bit of a disappointment.

I might take in one the Lions' practices out in Surrey this week just to see if Lulay, Brown and some of the others are doing much. I hope they are or the loss against Hamilton might be bigger than we thought. I'd like to say the Lions will bounce back but with those injuries it's going to be a lot tougher. And the Esks know it!

WHAT????? Well if that ain't the cat's meow! I hate those Canucks! LOL

So does the rest of the Country. :cowboy:

All kidding aside, I hope it is a good game, the biggest game of the year deserves to be a classic. Hope the Lions quit the mind games with Messam and the Eskimos quit picking on Aaron Hunt. :cowboy: :lol: :twisted:

Mind games with Messam? Hey....the Lions are just "messam" with him!

Good news out of the Lions den; There is no swelling on Lulay's ankle as he was moving around at practice on Sunday, X-ray results are still to follow; I expect him to play. RB Harris is doubtful for the game; MRI to follow on his lat/rotator injury to determine a strain or tear, hope it's the former. WR Arkeem Foster (also doubtful) will have an MRI done on his knee strain.
LB Elimimiam (ankle) - DT Khalif Mitchell (Quad) - S Jason Arakgi (ankle) are expected to play.

Thanks for the update Oldclarke. Anything on Tim Brown? Also please clarify: Are you saying Elimimian, Mitchell and Arakgi are all expected to play or just Arakgi?

[url=http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/football/calgary-stampeders/Lions+storybook+season+could+disastrous+drama/5599353/story.html]http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/foo ... story.html[/url]

...according to Cam Cole's article here there is enough worry about the labour strike that the saturday game could be moved to Commonwealth in lieu of BC Place...what say ye fans of the team's involved?

...I think with a game of this magnitude and what's at stake shifting it to the visiting team's home is unfair...it should be played in neutral territory at the very least...play it in Calgary, it would be neat to hear both sides get booed :twisted: ...

All are expected to play. Nothing on Brown....

They already said they would not picket the game . :roll:

...doesn't say that in that article, so what's with the rolly eyes?

Excellent news backer@oldclarke- except for Brown and Harris. We need those guys to mount any kind of a running attack.

As stated the union is far more likely to strike the Grey Cup rather than this game. The CFL should be making plans to move the Grey Cup game to Edmonton.

Sorry R and W didn't see the link you had put in. But I had heard on team 1040 that they were assured that no pickets would be up this week. I'm sure their waiting for the GC will be interesting.

..no problem :thup: